Animal Details
Halloween zombie Level Unlocked 1

LevelsCollec 34

Cost of Animal Zoo bucks Free Coins2
Cost to Complete Family Zoo bucks Free Coins2
Area Graveyard
Halloween zombie Halloween zombieHalloween zombie Halloween zombieHalloween zombieHalloween zombie Halloween zombieHalloween zombieHalloween zombieHalloween zombie
3.170 Coins2 6.340 Coins2 10.461 Coins2 14.582 Coins2
180 XP 360 XP 540 XP 720 XP
Bonded Payout 19.102 Coins2
Collects every 1 Day, 11 hours
Reward for Completing Family 180 XP
Breeding nest Breeding Breeding nest
Cost to Breed Zoo bucks Free Coins2
Breeds in 2 Days, 12 hours
Instant Breed 0 / 0 / 45 / 45 Zoo bucks
Goal bonding icon Bonding Goal bonding icon
Cost to Bond Zoo bucks Free Coins2
Bonds in 2 Days, 12 hours
Instant Bond 45 Zoo bucks
Static Animation
Zombie static Zombie an
Hand falls off and it picks it up and puts it back on
Collections icon Collections Collections icon
The Zombie is part of the Spooktacular, Spooktacular! collections.
Lab icon Crossbreeding Parents Lab icon
The Zombie is not a Crossbred Animal and can only be purchased through the Tiny Zoo Store.
Lab icon Crossbred Children Lab icon
Crossbreeding Zombie with other animals:
Parent 2 Cost Crossbreeds in Outcome
Jack rabbit single
Zoo bucks 38 10 Minutes
Zombie Jackrabbit single
Koala single
Zoo bucks 99 4 Hours
Zombie Koala single
Tiger single
Zoo bucks 24 24 Minutes
Zombie Tiger single
Mustang single
Coins2 9.999.000 1 Day
Zombie Mustang single
Blue butterfly single
Coins2 1.999.000 1 Day, 2 hours
Zombie butterfly single
African elephant single
Zoo bucks 99 20 Hours
Zombie elephant single
African giraffe single
Zoo bucks 499 16 Hours
Zombie giraffe single
Additional Pictures


Spooky 30 second breed modal

Spooky 30 second breed last modal

Further Information

The Zombie is part of the Animals unlocked through leveling up Limited Animals themed collection.

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