As you know, there is a hack that modify the bucks/cash and coins higher.

As far as I'm concerned, I decided to rip all the files of my zoo and checking the possibility to see if it's possible to add limited animals or normal animals into the game (ONLY for animals that can't be purchased currently. Limited time seems to be only affected by the updates. Not the game itself).


  • In order to rip the files, you are required to have your IPhone or IPad JAILBREAK. Recommend to search up for a tutorial. Not daring? Then I suggest not to do that to your phone.
  • IFunbox


Upon ripping the files, you will find these folders:

  • Documents - There's nothing in there. (For this game)
  • Library - Mostly contains assets and files
  • tmp - as in Temporary. There's nothing in there. (For this game)
  • - Every app always has this file. Might be named differently.

Opening the "Library" will contain these folders:

  • Caches - Files
  • Preferences - For this game, a plist. There's nothing useful

Caches have many files. It's where all the things are mostly loaded. As a matter of fact, I'm currently digging through the files. "fsCachedFiles" have more files (in com.tinycorp.tinyzoo.friends) than "filesCaches" (It's similiar but in images and plist)

References (For fsCachedFiles)


  • 000DBD9F-0BAE-45C5-9846-C9B099874DA1 - Autumn Earth Fairy (Big)
  • 000E3907-B1B6-4DE5-AAE4-8D89F48BF699 - Birthday Surprise Elephant? Statue?
  • 00A5DD20-CE60-4BAD-B24D-82EDA90E30A4 - Ferris Wheel
  • 00A5DD20-CE60-4BAD-B24D-82EDA90E30A4 - Red Howler Monkey Animations
  • 00A1761F-1801-4326-A8B0-DA59639A1D8A - Great Horned Owl (Big)
  • 00AC4B87-8DB2-43F6-8DB6-E604E9A20E72 - Archaeopteryx (Small)

(Coming Soon)


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Unknown Format

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(Coming Soon)



Ripping Textures

I could rip some texture for you guys. But that will take a long time.