Thanksgiving Turkey Limited autumn Firstfree
Thanksgiving turkey1 single
Level Required 1
Type Autumn
Area Autumn habitat
Shop / Animal
Cost Zoo bucks Family Free with Half Price Bucks Goal / 99
Gain Veteran / Thanksgiving turkey1 single Coins2 14.000
Gain 09.2011 / Thanksgiving turkey1 single Coins2 14.000
XP 1.400
Every 20 Hours
Breeding / Animal
Cost Zoo bucks Free with goal / 99
In 16 Hours
Instant Breed Zoo bucks 2 / 2 / 24 / 24
Reward for completing a Family
Family XP 1.400
Family Gain Coins2 0
Family Payout Coins2 64.400
Goal bonding icon Family Bonding Goal bonding icon
Bonding Cost Zoo bucks 99
Bonding Time 16 Hours
Instant Bonding Zoo bucks 24
Bonded Family Payout Coins2 84.364
Lab icon Crossbreeding Lab icon
Crossbreeding None
Collections icon Collections Collections icon
Collections None

The Thanksgiving Turkey is a Turkey part of the Autumn themed collection.

Thanksgiving turkey1 an
Animation: Pecks at ground and then flies up