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Started 29.January.2013!
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Thailand Event Limited Decorations
Decoration Size Price XP Award Unlock
Thailand Flag Thailand Flag 1 x 1 Free Tuesday Treat /
5.000 Coins2
50 Available for purchase in the Market during the Outback event
Fruit Basket Fruit Basket 2 x 2 89.999 Coins2 50 Available for purchase within goal "Lopburi Monkey Festival!" ONLY
Levels Store thailand Animals Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time Area
-- Asian Elephant Asian Elephant 29 Zoo bucks 5.500 550 10 Hours Serengeti habitat
19 Burmese python single Burmese Python 110.000 Coins2 680 68 17 Hours Amazon jungle
-- Chiru Chiru 129 Zoo bucks 11.250 1.125 14 Hours Snowy Rocks
19 Cloud temple leopard single Cloud Temple Leopard 499 Zoo bucks 15.000 1.500 21 Hours Amazon
19 Fishing cat single Fishing Cat 29 Zoo bucks 11.000 1.100 22 Hours Blue hole
19 Hairy nosed otter single Hairy Nosed Otter First Free / 99 Zoo bucks 15.000 1.500 21 Hours Amazon
19 Lopburi monkey single Lopburi Monkey 150.000 Coins2 770 77 14 Hours Market place
19 Royal white elephant single Royal White Elephant 499 Zoo bucks 18.150 1.815 20 Hours Amazon
19 Slow loris single Slow Loris 55.000 Coins2 260 26 13 Hours Amazon
19 Thai rhino single Thai Rhino 99 Zoo bucks 13.250 1.325 18 Hours Market place
Thailand Week Daily Introductions:
4. February 2013 Thailand
Booster packs feb13 hud
Added Lovely Butterflies, Rose Unicorn
updated Booster Packs, Goals
3. February 2013 Thailand
30 second cubbies last hud
Added Fishing Cat
re-issue animal Tailgate Bulldog
2. February 2013 Thailand
Prize pond icon
Added Royal Indian Elephant, Slow Loris, Carousel Zebra
updated Frog Scramble
re-issue animal Punxsutawney Phil
1. February 2013 Thailand
Thailand hud
Added Cloud Temple Leopard, Hairy Nosed Otter
updated Goals, First Free Animals
31. January 2013 Thailand
30 second cubbys hud
Added Thai Buffalo
30. January 2013 Thailand, Cashback Animals
50 off first last hud
Added Burmese Python, Bucks Elephant
updated Goals
29. January 2013 Thailand
Limited thailand
Added Lopburi Monkey, Thai Rhino
updated Goals
Thailand Event Week Goals
Description Completion / Reward
Goal hairy nosed otter title
To complete:
The Hairy Nosed Otter is the rarest otter on Earth! These mustachioed otters are really beautiful despite a little facial hair!

Goal hairy nosed otter iconGet a pair of beautiful Hairy Nosed Otters!

Now visitors can see these rare otters!
15 Zoo bucks + 550 XP
Goal lopburi monkey title
To complete:
The city of Lopburi is the home of thousands of monkeys! Each year residents celebrate the Lopburi Monkey festival where they give food to their monkey neighbors!

Goal lopburi monkey iconGet a pair of Lopburi Monkeys to celebrate the festival!

Goal fruit baket iconGet a Fruit Basket to feed the Monkey!

Chow Down!
7 Zoo bucks + 450 XP
Goal thai rhino title
To complete:
Announce the arrival of the animals Of Thailand with a pair of regal Thai Rhinos! For a Limited Time the first Rhino is 50% Off!

Goal thai rhino iconGet two Thai Rhinos, the first is 50% Off for a Limited Time!
Leading the way!
15 Zoo bucks + 500 XP
Thailand tuesday treat modal
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