• Change Animal page to an category page.
  • Add new page: Mustang
    • Add template
    • Add Render Area picture (low qualitity)
    • Add Render picture of animal
    • 2 subtitels breeding and cross-breeding and his details
  • Change gold tekst to gold icon (it's named coin2, coin was placed incorrect. Try to rename it to gold if you can)

Progress categories

I add some more startup pages to the homepage. The plan is to change them to buttoms in the futur. But first we need to finish them.

How can one volunteer to assist in making new pages for this wiki? I have plenty of time and I have an entire spreadsheet with all the possible information on every animal and most previously available animals so I believe I could be of a great deal of help. I even have calculated the hourly value of each animal's income. Avisia 08:38, November 26, 2011 (UTC)