Springhare single
Lvl req. 1
Type Animals unlocked through collections
Area Open Savannahs2
Shop / Animal
Cost Zoo bucks 0/29
Gain Veteran/ Springhare single {{{GainVeteran}}}
Gain 09.2011/ Springhare single Coins2 4.500
XP 600
Every 8 hours
Breeding / Animal
Parent1 --
Parent2 --
Cost Zoo bucks 29
in 1 day, 12 hours
Instant Zoo bucks 45/45
Reward for completing a Family
Family XP 600
Family Gain Zoo bucks 0
Crossbreeding / Animal
Partner1 --
Result1 --
X-Cost1 --
X-in1 --
X-Instant1 --
Partner2 --
Result2 --
X-Cost2 --
X-in2 --
X-Instant2 --
Collections Hippity Hop

The Springhare, or springhaas, is not actually a hare, but a member of the order Rodentia. It is one of a number of species in the genus Pedetes, and is native to southern Africa.

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