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Started 5.March.2013!
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Silk Road Event Limited Decorations
Decoration Size Price XP Award Unlock
Porcelain Vase Porcelain Vase 1 x 1 Free Tuesday Treat /
7.000 Coins2
50 Available for purchase in the Market during the Silk Road event!
Levels Store silk road Animals Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time Area
1 Jade turtle single Jade Turtle 225.000 Coins2 980 98 8 Hours Asian
1 Silk road camel single Silk Road Camel 499 Zoo bucks 18.150 1.815 20 Hours Silk Road
1 Silk road panda single Silk Road Panda 99 Zoo bucks 12.300 1.230 16 Hours Asian
1 Silkworm single Silkworm 45.000 Coins2 270 27 16 Hours Silk Road
1 Simurgh single Simurgh 499 Zoo bucks 19.050 1.905 21 Hours Silk Road
1 Steppe pony single Steppe Pony 99 Zoo bucks /
2nd Free
14.000 1.400 20 Hours Silk Road
1 Striped hyena single Striped Hyena 650.000 Coins2 6.370 637 1 Day, 3 hours Plains
1 Wukong monkey single Sun Wukong Monkey First Free /
29 Zoo bucks
5.500 550 12 Hours Mountaintop
Silk Road Event Week Goals
Description Completion / Reward
Goal bucks unicorn title
Get the mythical Bucks Unicorn! This immortal beauty will live forever and bring you fortune of Free Zoo Bucks!
Part 1Goal bucks unicorn iconGet the Bucks Unicorn and it will grant you 50 Zoo Bucks now!

A family of Bucks Unicorns will earn 10 Zoo Bucks every time you collect! If you complete it’s family before it gallops away next week it’ll grant you an extra 100 Zoo bucks!
Part 2Goal bucks unicorn iconComplete the Bucks Unicorn family now and get 100 Zoo bucks right away!

Completion 1
What a wonderful creature!
50 Zoo bucks + 500 XP

Completion 2
Immortal beauty, forever fortune!
100 Zoo bucks + 700 XP
Goal wukong monkey title
Sun Wukong got caught in the treasure room of the Dragon King! Hurry and help him trick the Dragon King and escape!
Goal wukong monkey iconConfuse the Dragon King by getting a full family of Sun Wukong monkeys! Which is which!!

You got away with some of the treasure!
10 Zoo bucks + 500 XP
Goal steppe pony title
The Steppe Pony and the Silkworm are travelling the Silk Road together! Help them travel by getting a second Steppe Pony to carry the silk from the Silkworm!
Part 1aGoal steppe pony iconGet a pair of Steppe Ponies, the Second is Free!
Part 1bGoal silkworm iconGet a family of Silkworms to create more silk!

The Silkworm family made so much silk that the two Steppe Ponies can’t carry it all! Complete your family of Steppe Ponies to help carry all the beautiful silk!
Part 2Goal steppe pony iconComplete the family of Steppe Ponies!

Completion 1
So much beautiful silk!
8 Zoo bucks + 400 XP

Completion 2
What valuable silk!
10 Zoo bucks + 450 XP
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