Saddle Billed Stork
Saddle Billed Stork single
Lvl req. 13
Type Crossbred Animals
Area Grasslands
Shop / Animal
Cost Zoo bucks 49
Gain Veteran/ Saddle Billed Stork single {{{GainVeteran}}}
Gain 09.2011/ Saddle Billed Stork single Coins2 6.000
XP 345
Every 1 day, 2 hours
Breeding / Animal
Parent1 Flamingo single
Parent2 Mustang single
Cost Zoo bucks 49
in 18 hrs
Instant Zoo bucks 25/35/45/45
Reward for completing a Family
Family XP 345
Family Gain Zoo bucks 0
Crossbreeding / Animal
Partner1 --
Result1 --
X-Cost1 --
X-in1 --
X-Instant1 --
Partner2 --
Result2 --
X-Cost2 --
X-in2 --
X-Instant2 --
Collections --

The Saddle Billed Stork is a large wading bird in the Stork family, Ciconiidae. It is a widespread species which is a resident breeder in sub-Saharan Africa from Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya south to South Africa, and in The Gambia, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire and Chad in west Africa. They are silent except for bill-clattering at the nest. Like most storks, these fly with the neck outstretched, not retracted like a heron.

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