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Started 5.June.2013!
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Planets Event Limited Decorations
Decoration Size Price XP Award Unlock
Stardust Tree Stardust Tree 1 x 1 35.000 Coins2 50 Available for purchase in the Market during the Planets event!
Stardust Patch Stardust Patch 1 x 1 10.000 Coins2 50 Available for purchase in the Market during the Planets event!
Solar System Solar System 2 x 2 Free when completing "The Littlest Planet!" goal 50 Free when completing "The Littlest Planet!" goal during the Planets event!
Levels Store planets Animals Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time Area
1 Jupiter tiger single Jupiter Tiger First Free / 99 Zoo bucks 11.850 1.185 17 Hours Planetary abode
1 Mars rhinoceros single Mars Rhinoceros 99 Zoo bucks / 2nd Free 8.250 825 12 Hours Planetary abode
1 Mercury rabbit single Mercury Rabbit 750.000 Coins2 4.400 440 16 Hours Planetary abode
1 Neptune whale single Neptune Whale 49 Zoo bucks 14.750 1.475 1 Day Planetary abode
1 Pluto owl single Pluto Owl 175.000 Coins2 1.400 140 22 Hours Planetary abode
1 Saturn capricorn single Saturn Capricorn 325.000 Coins2 1.650 165 14 Hours Planetary abode
1 Sun phoenix single Sun Phoenix 499 Zoo bucks 18.150 1.815 20 Hours Planetary abode
1 Uranus penguin single Uranus Penguin 29 Zoo bucks 7.750 775 1 day, 5 hours Planetary abode
1 Venus pegasus single Venus Pegasus 499 Zoo bucks 13.600 1.360 15 Hours Planetary abode
Planets Event Week Goals
Description Completion / Reward
Goal jupiter tiger titleHave you ever seen the bands of color that wrap around Jupiter? Those are made of powerful storms that sweep around the planet! Get a closer look at these deep space storms by getting a pair of Jupiter Tigers!
Goal jupiter tiger iconGet a pair of Jupiter Tigers, the First is Free!
Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System!
15 Zoo bucks + 600 XP
Goal pluto owl titlePart 1:
I come from Pluto, the planet that is the farthest from the Sun...that is, it used to be a planet… Pluto is too small and is no longer called a planet, but I still think it is the best place in the solar system!

Goal pluto owl iconGet a pair of Pluto Owls to hear their story!
Part 2:
It’s dark so far away from the sun, let’s add some sparkling Stardust Trees to illuminate our wonderful little planet! Then people will remember when Pluto was part of the solar system!
Step 1:
Goal pluto owl iconComplete my family so we can tell the other animals about Pluto!
Step 2:Goal stardust tree iconPlant 3 Stardust Trees!
Completion 1:
Help us remind everyone about Pluto!
2.000 Coins2 + 300 XP

Completion 2:
Look, Pluto is part of the Solar System!
2.000 Coins2 + 400 XP +
Solar System
Solar System
Goal mercury rabbit titlePart 1:
Mercury is my home, it’s the closest planet to the Sun! The ground is very hot which means we Mercury Rabbits run very fast!

Goal mercury rabbit iconCatch a pair of Mercury Rabbits, if you can!
Part 2:
Our home used to have lots of sparkling stardust, but we’re so close to the sun that it all got burned away! Will you help us make our home pretty again by sprinkling some stardust?
Step 1:
Goal mercury rabbit iconComplete my family, we’ll help spread the stardust!
Step 2:Goal stardust patch iconSprinkle Six Sparkling Stardust Patches!
Completion 1:
You’re almost as quick as we are!
2.000 Coins2 + 400 XP

Completion 2:
Wow! Mercury is more beautiful than ever!
7 Zoo bucks + 700 XP
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