Pink Fairy Armadillo
Animal Details
Pink Fairy Armadillo Level Unlocked 6

Animals Unlocked Through Leveling Up Lab.png

Cost of Animal 9 Zoo Bucks
Cost to Complete Family 36 Zoo Bucks
Area Fantasia
For 1 For 2for 2 For 3For3For 3 Complete FamilyComplete FamilyComplete FamilyComplete Family
3.000 Gold 6.000 Gold 9.900 Gold 13.800 Gold
300 XP.png 600 XP.png 900 XP.png 1.200 XP.png
Bonded Payout 18.078 Gold
Collects every 8 Hours
Reward for Completing Family 300 XP.png
Breeding Breeding Breeding
Cost to Breed 9 Zoo Bucks
Breeds in 1 Day, 6 hours
Instant Breed 25 / 35 / 45 / 45 Zoo Bucks
Family Bonding Bonding Family Bonding
Cost to Bond 9 Zoo Bucks
Bonds in 1 Day, 6 hours
Instant Bond 45 Zoo Bucks
Static Animation
Pink Fairy Armadillo Pink Fairy Armadillo
Flies up.
Collection Rewards Collections Collection Rewards
The Pink Fairy Armadillo is not part of any collections.
Breeder's Lab Crossbreeding Parents Breeder's Lab
The Pink Fairy Armadillo is not a Crossbred Animal and can only be purchased through the Tiny Zoo Store.
Breeder's Lab Crossbred Children Breeder's Lab
Crossbreeding Pink Fairy Armadillo with other animals:
Parent 2 Cost Crossbreeds in Outcome
Chocolate Dove
Zoo Bucks 99 30 Minutes
Chocolate Fairy
Clover Bear
Zoo Bucks 99 10 Hours
Shamrock Fairy
Flower Sprite
Zoo Bucks 99 18 Hours
Garden Fairy
Tye Dye Bear
Zoo Bucks 99 16 Hours
Flower Child Fairy
Rhinestone Turtle
Zoo Bucks 99 20 Hours
Bejewelled Fairy
Zoo Bucks 99 1 Day
Alice Fairy
Zoo Bucks 99 14 Hours
Space Cadet Fairy
Mother Goose
Zoo Bucks 99 16 Hours
Goldilocks Fairy
Lil' Grim Reaper
Zoo Bucks 99 12 Hours
Magic Carpet
Zoo Bucks 99 1 Day, 6 hours
Genie of the Lamp
North Pole Penguin
Zoo Bucks 99 12 Hours
North Pole Fairy
Additional Pictures

Shamrock fairy modal.png

Garden fairy modal.png

Further Information

The Pink Fairy Armadillo is part of the Animals unlocked through leveling up Limited Animals themed collection.

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