Party title Limited party

Started 26.December.2012!

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Party Event Limited Decorations
Decoration Size Price XP Award Unlock
Party hat stand 9000 Party Hat Stand 2 x 2 9.000 Coins2 50 Available for purchase in the Market during the Party event
Party confetti tree 2012 Confetti Tree 1 x 1 2.012 Coins2 50 Available for purchase in the Market during the Party event
Party-2013 NYE Ball-Free 2013 NYE Ball 1 x 1 FREE Coins2 5 Available free starting New Year's Eve 2012
Levels Store party Animals Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time Area
1 Party bear single Party Bear 99.000 Coins2 1.220 122 17 Hours New Years
1 Party chameleon single Party Chameleon 29 Zoo bucks 8.220 822 18 Hours New Years
1 Party dragon single Party Dragon 499 Zoo bucks 18.150 1.815 23 Hours New Years
1 Party gibbon single Party Gibbon 200.000 Coins2 1.090 109 15 Hours New Years
1 Party giraffe single Party Giraffe 49/2nd Free Zoo bucks 12.680 1.268 22 Hours New Years
1 Party lion single Party Lion 1st Free/99 Zoo bucks 10.900 1.090 16 Hours New Years
1 Party peacock single Party Peacock 499 Zoo bucks 19.050 1.905 21 Hours New Years
1 Party pig single Party Pig 525.000 Coins2 2.860 286 15 Hours New Years
1 Party unicorn single Party Unicorn 99 Zoo bucks 13.700 1.370 18 Hours New Years
Party Event Week Goals
Description Completion / Reward
Goal party lion title
To complete:
The Party Lion is the last animal to leave the New Year's Party, but he enjoyed your zoo (so) much he wants to stay, get two for your zoo now, the First is Free!
Goal party lion iconGet Two Party Lions before they are gone! The First is Free!
Party On!
10 Zoo bucks + 300 XP
Goal party giraffe title
To complete:
The Party Giraffe brings so much fun to any party that we decided to make the Second Free so you could double the fun of your New Year's Party!
Goal party giraffe iconGet Two Party Giraffes, the Second is Free!
New Year's Eve is almost here!
12 Zoo bucks + 250 XP
Goal cubby octopus title
To complete:
The Limited Time Zoo Bucks Variety Octopus Cubby pays out Zoo Bucks! Adopt an Octopus Cubby for a chance to get the Bucks Octopus and start earning Zoo Bucks!
Goal cubby octopus iconGet the tiny Bucks Octopus now and get 10 Bonus Zoo Bucks and the Bucks Octopus Trophy!
Arms Full of Bucks!
10 Zoo bucks + 700 XP
Cubby Octopus Trophy
Bucks Cubby Octopus Trophy
Party second free modal
Party bucks sale modal