North pole North Pole Limited christmas in new york

Started 11.December.2012!

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Levels Store north pole Animals Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time Area
1 Christmas phoenix single Christmas Phoenix 499 Zoo bucks 14.500 1.450 16 Hours Xmas christmastree
1 Noel lion single Noel Lion 499 Zoo bucks 21.000 2.100 23 Hours Xmas christmastree
1 North pole elf single North Pole Elf 29 Zoo bucks 12.000 1.200 1 Day, 5 hours Xmas christmastree
1 North pole fairy single North Pole Fairy 99 Zoo bucks 13.500 1.350 18 Hours Xmas christmastree
1 North pole penguin single North Pole Penguin 55.000 Coins2 300 30 15 Hours Christmasvillage
1 Ornament reindeer single Ornament Reindeer First Free / 29 Zoo bucks 7.000 700 14 Hours Xmas christmastree
1 Polar bear cub single Polar Bear Cub 375.000 Coins2 3.000 300 22 Hours Christmasvillage
1 Ribbon candy tiger single Ribbon Candy Tiger 99 / 2nd Free Zoo bucks 12.000 1.200 17 Hours Xmas christmastree
1 Snowy grizzly bear single Snowy Grizzly Bear 575.000 Coins2 5.210 521 1 Day, 1 hour Xmas christmastree
North Pole Event Week Goals
Description Completion / Reward
Goal ornament reindeer title
To complete:
This Reindeer was snooping around in the ornaments... low and behold, he i now an Ornament Reindeer!
Goal ornament reindeer iconGet two Ornament Reindeer to keep them out of trouble. You'll get 10 Zoo Bucks back!
Phew! The ornaments are safe!
10 Zoo bucks + 500 XP
Goal snowflake pegasus title
To complete:
The Christmas Booster Packs give you mere deals on Zoo Bucks and exclusive families of holiday animals! You'll even get an extra 110 Bucks when you get them both now!
A:Goal igloo iconGet the Igloo Booster Pack and get an extra 10 Zoo Bucks!
B:Goal snowflake pegasus iconGet the Snow Booster Pack!
Enjoy your Bucks and Holiday animals!
110 Zoo bucks + 1.000 XP
Goal cubby christmas giraffe title
To complete:
I'm a brand new Cubby and I'm ready to celebrate the holidays with you! Bring me to your Cubby Patch so I can gallop and play!
Goal christmas giraffe iconAdopt a Christmas Cubby Giraffe and get 29 Zoo Bucks back!
Gallop, gallop and play!
29 Zoo bucks + 1.000 XP
Goal snowflake peacock title
To complete:
The Ice Booster Pack gives you an amazing deal on Zoo Bucks, 50 exclusive White Christmas Tree Decorations and a family of Snowflake Peacocks!
Goal snowflack peacock iconGet the Ice Booster Pack!
What an amazing deal!
70 Zoo bucks + 600 XP
Goal polar bear cub title
To complete:
What could be inside the Mystery Gift? Unwrap the Mystery Gift now and find out!
Step 1:Goal polar bear cub iconPlace the Mystery Gift in your zoo to unwrap it and see what's inside!
The adorable Polar Bear Cub was hiding inside the Mystery Gift! One of these cuties isn't enough, unwrap a second Polar Bear Cub!
Step 2:Goal polar bear cub icon Unwrap a second Polar Bear Cub!
Completion 1:
Surprise! It's the Polar Bear Cub!
500 Coins2 + 300 XP

Completion 2:
They're small now, wait till they grow up!
5 Zoo bucks + 650 XP
Goal peppermint peacock title
To complete:
The Exclusive Peppermint Peacock family is yours FREE when you get a truckload of Bucks! Get this Christmas cutie while you can!
Step 1:Goal peppermint peacock icon Get an EXCLUSIVE FREE Family of Peppermint Peacocks when you buy a Truckload of Bucks!
Enjoy your FREE Peacocks!
1.000 XP +
Peppermint peacock singlePeppermint peacock single
Peppermint peacock singlePeppermint peacock single
Peppermint Peacock Family

Goal north pole fairy title
To complete:
The tiny North Pole Fairy wants to take you to the North Pole! Summon her now with the North Pole Penguin!
Step 1a:Goal north pole penguin iconHave one North Pole Penguin!
Step 1b:Goal pink fairy armadillo iconHave one Pink Fairy Armadillo!
Step 1c:Goal north pole fairy iconSummon the North Pole Fairy! We're almost there zooster, but I'll need the magic of my North Pole Fairy family to open the way to the North Pole village! Step 2:Goal north pole fairy icon Complete the North Pole Fairy family!

Completion 1:
Follow me to the North Pole!
5.000 Coins2 + 5.000 XP

Completion 2:
We made it! Happy Christmas!
20 Zoo bucks + 8.000 XP
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