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Started 30.April.2013!
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Levels Store mexico Animals Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time Area
1 Brown pelican single Brown Pelican 29 Zoo bucks 7.000 700 14 Hours Galapagos Land
1 Collared peccary single Collared Peccary 1.000.000 Coins2 3.600 360 21 Hours Desert
1 Cozumel raccoon single Cozumel Raccoon 2.000.000 Coins2 2.750 275 15 Hours Desert
1 Folklorico fairy single Folklorico Fairy 499 Zoo bucks 20.000 2.000 22 Hours Cincodemayo
1 Harbor porpoise single Harbor Porpoise 99 Zoo bucks 11.500 1.150 15 Hours Galapagos Water
1 Horned lizard single Horned Lizard 5.000.000 Coins2 5.000 500 14 Hours Desert
1 Keel billed toucan single Keel Billed Toucan First Free /
29 Zoo bucks
10.000 1.000 21 Hours Amazon
1 Lounging ocelot single Lounging Ocelot 499 Zoo bucks 16.400 1.640 18 Hours Amazon jungle
1 Mexican garter snake single Mexican Garter Snake 195.000 Coins2 640 64 9 Hours Open Savannahs2
1 Mexican gray wolf single Mexican Gray Wolf 99 Zoo bucks
2nd Free
12.000 1.200 16 Hours Desert
1 Mimonga Mimonga 129 Zoo bucks 7.900 790 10 Hours Jungle
Mexico Event Week Goals
Description Completion / Reward
Goal harbor porpoise title
Part 1:
Harbor Porpoises have been sighted off the coast of Mexico! This rare endangered species has not been seen this far south in years! Get one for our zoo now?
Step 1:Goal dolphin iconHave at least one Dolphin!
Step 2:Goal fiesta golden eagle iconHave at least one Fiesta Golden Eagle!
Step 3:Goal harbor porpoise iconCrossbreed a Harbor Porpoise!
Part 2:
Welcome this endangered species back into the warm coastal waters of Mexico by completing the Harbor Porpoise family!
Goal harbor porpoise iconComplete the family of Harbor Porpoises!
Completion 1:
We saw one, we saw one!
5.000 Coins2 + 5.000 XP

Completion 2:
How delightful to see them swimming alongside ships!
20 Zoo bucks + 8.000 XP
Goal ancient black tortoise title
Part 1:
The Ancient Black Tortoise is one of the four Chinese constellations! This stellar family and a BONUS 140 Zoo Bucks are yours FREE when you get a Bucket of Bucks!
Goal ancient black tortoise iconGet a Family of Ancient Black Tortoises and 140 Bucks FREE when you buy a Bucket of Bucks!
Part 2:
You summoned the family of Ancient Black Tortoises! Place your first Ancient Black Tortoise now!
Goal ancient black tortoise iconPlace one of your Free Ancient Black Tortoises!
Completion 1:
The Black Tortoise of the Northern

140 Zoo bucks + 1.000 XP
Ancient black tortoise staticAncient black tortoise staticAncient black tortoise staticAncient black tortoise static
Completion 2:
The Black Tortoise is also the ruler of Winter!
1.000 Coins2 + 5.000 XP

Goal ancient tiger dragon title
Part 1:
The legendary Ancient Tiger Dragon family and a BONUS 860 Zoo Bucks are yours FREE when you get a Truckload of Bucks!
Goal ancient tiger dragon iconGet an Exclusive Family of Ancient Tiger Dragons FREE when you buy a Truckload of Bucks!
Part 2:
You summoned the family of Ancient Tiger Dragons! Place your first Dragon now!
Goal ancient tiger dragon iconPlace one of your Free Ancient Tiger Dragons!
Completion 1:
Wow! A legendary Dragon!
860 Zoo bucks + 1.000 XP
Ancient tiger dragon staticAncient tiger dragon staticAncient tiger dragon staticAncient tiger dragon static
Completion 2:
A legendary creature of the ancient world!
1.000 Coins2 + 5.000 XP
Goal mexican garter snake title
Part 1:
The Mexican Garter Snake’s family is spread out all over Mexico. Will you help it track down its family members in time for the Cinco de Mayo fiesta?
Goal mexican garter snake iconFind the first two Mexican Garter Snakes!
Part 2:
Once my family is all here I want to celebrate by throwing a fiesta and no fiesta is complete without decorations!
Step 1:Goal mexican garter snake iconComplete the Mexican Garter Snake family!
Step 2:Goal paper flowers iconHave 5 Paper Flower decorations for the fiesta!
Completion 1:
Mi amor!
4 Zoo bucks + 500 XP

Completion 2:
Muchos gracias, esto es una fiesta maravillosa!
5 Zoo bucks + 500 XP
Goal cozumel raccoon title
Part 1:
The Cozumel Island Raccoon wants to visit an ancient Aztec Pyramid but has never been off the island of Cozumel. Will you help them find the pyramid?
Goal cozumel raccoon iconGet two Cozumel Isalnd Raccoons so they can find the pyramid!
Part 2:
Finally, we get to see the ancient pyramids built by the Aztecs! Did you know these amazing pyramids were built over 500 years ago?
Step 1:Goal aztec pyramid iconGet the Aztec Pyramid!
Step 2:Goal cozumel raccoon iconMy cubs would love to see this amazing pyramid, will you complete my family?
Completion 1:
All set, let’s go!
5 Zoo bucks + 700 XP

Completion 2:
Ancient wonders!
10 Zoo bucks + 800 XP
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