Limited luau Luau Limited luau

Started 8.January.2013!
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Luau Event Limited Decorations
Decoration Size Price XP Award Unlock
Beach Bonfire Beach Bonfire 1 x 1 Goal Reward 50 Free when completing Hinalea Aki Lolo goal "Luau Bonfire!"
Hibiscus Flower Hibiscus Flower 1 x 1 Free Tuesday Treat 50 Available for purchase in the Market during the Luau event
Luau Event Limited Shops
Levels Shops Badge Shop Title Store Icon Collect gold XP Time
1 Shaved Ice Hut Shaved Ice Hut 20.000 Coins2 5 200 8 Hours
Levels Store Luau Animals Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time Area
1 Gold dust day gecko single Gold Dust Day Gecko 150.000 Coins2 1.100 110 20 Hours Luau Land
1 Hinalea aki lolo single Hinalea Aki Lolo 325.000 Coins2 1.890 189 16 Hours Luau Water
1 Hula fairy single Hula Fairy 499 Zoo bucks 21.750 2.175 1 Day Luau Land
1 Kamehameha butterfly single Kamehameha Butterfly 29 Zoo bucks 5.000 500 1 Day, 5 hours Luau Land
1 Luau dolphin single Luau Dolphin First Free / 99 Zoo bucks 15.750 1.575 23 Hours Luau Water
1 Luau flamingo single Luau Flamingo 29 Zoo bucks / 2nd Free 12.700 1.270 1 Day, 4 hours Luau Land
1 Luau monk seal single Luau Monk Seal 99 Zoo bucks 14.650 1.465 1 Day, 3 Hours Luau Land
1 Luau monkey single Luau Monkey 650.000 Coins2 4.950 495 21 Hours Luau Land
1 Volcano phoenix single Volcano Phoenix 499 Zoo bucks 17.250 1.725 19 Hours Volcano
Luau Week Daily Introductions:
14. January 2013 Luau
Luau last hud

13. January 2013 Luau
Bucks lion last hud
Added Luau Monk Seal
12. January 2013 Luau
Limited luau
Added Luau Flamingo, Volcano Phoenix
updated Goals, Buy1 Get1
11. January 2013 Luau, Cashback Animals
Limited luau
Added Hula Fairy, Luau Monkey
updated Tiny Zoo Fairy's
10. January 2013 Luau, Cashback Animals
Bucks lion hud
Added Kamehameha Butterfly, Bucks Lion
updated Goals
9. January 2013 Luau
30 second expansion last hud
Added Hinalea Aki Lolo
updated Goals
8. January 2013 Luau
Limited luau
Added Gold Dust Day Gecko, Luau Dolphin
updated Goals, First Free Animals, Areas
Luau Event Week Goals
Description Completion / Reward
Goal volcano phoenix title
To complete:
The heat of the epic Volcano Phoenix is perfectly matched by the cool attitude of the Luau Flamingo! Get these well matched feathered friends for your zoo!

Goal volcano phoenix iconGet a fiery Volcano Pheonix!
Goal luau flamingo iconGet a cool Luau Flamingo, the Second is Free!
So Cool!
10 Zoo bucks + 500 XP
Goal bucks lion title
To complete:
Get the magnificent Bucks Lion, the king of the jungle and of infinite fortune and start collecting FREE Zoo Bucks!

Step 1Goal bucks lion iconGet your regal Bucks Lion and get 40 Zoo Bucks now!
Step 2Goal bucks lion iconWith a family of majestic Bucks Lions you will earn 12 Zoo Bucks every time you collect! No wonder the lion is the king of animals!

Completion 1:
40 Zoo bucks + 500 XP

Completion 2:
KIng of the Bucks Animals!
75 Zoo bucks + 700 XP
Goal hinalea aki lolo title
To complete:
The Hinalea Aki Lolo fish has always enjoyed watching Luaus and wants to throw one with its friends! Help it throw a Luau in your zoo!

Step 1aGoal hinalea aki lolo iconGet the Hinalea Aki Lolo and help it start the Luau!
Step 1bGoal gold dust day gecko iconInvite the Gold Dust Day Gecko to the Luau!
Wait! We can’t have a Luau without a Shaved Ice Hut to serve delicious treats! Get one now and we can light the Bonfire and start the Luau!
Step 2aGoal hinalea aki lolo iconInvite a Second Aki Lolo to the luau!
Step 2aGoal shaved ice hut iconShaved Ice is a must have at any luau!

Completion 1:
Aloha! The Luau is almost ready!
900 Coins2 + 500 XP

Completion 2:
Mahalo! Thanks for helping!
1.000 Coins2 + 500 XP +
Beach Bonfire
FREE Beach Bonfire Decoration
Goal luau dolphin title
To complete:
The Luau Dolphin wants to dance at the Luau! Let the First Free Luau Dolphins show off their new dance by getting a whole family!
Goal luau dolphin iconGet a family of Luau Dolphins, the First is Free!
Hula Hula Dancer!
20 Zoo bucks + 650 XP

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