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Started 21.August.2012!

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Levels Store India Animals Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time Area
21 Honored Cow single Honored Cow 29 Zoo bucks 9.550 955 21 hours Market place
21 Sarus crane single Sarus Crane 195.000 Coins2 1.630 163 23 hours Grasslands
21 Malabar giant squirrel single Malabar Giant Squirrel 475.000 Coins2 1.730 173 10 hours Jungle
21 Blackbuck antelope single Blackbuck Antelope 225.000 Coins2 2.050 205 1 day, 1 hour Plains
21 Basket cobra single Basket Cobra 29 Zoo bucks 9.000 900 18 hours Market place
21 Asian black bear single Asian Black Bear 750.000 Coins2 2.720 272 10 hours Woodland
21 Royal indian elephant single Royal Indian Elephant 99 Zoo bucks 16.250 1.625 22 hours Market place
21 Indian bengal tiger single Indian Bengal Tiger 499 Zoo bucks 21.800 2.180 1 day Market place
21 Lion tailed macaque single Lion Tailed Macaque 75.000 Coins2 330 33 8 hours Market place
21 Monkey king single Monkey King 99 Zoo bucks 10.600 1.060 15 hours Market place
21 Sari peacock single Sari Peacock 499 Zoo bucks 21.000 2.100 23 hours Market place
21 Grey mongoose single Grey Mongoose 29 Zoo bucks 10.000 1.000 20 hours Open Savannahs2
21 Indian leopard single Indian Leopard 99 Zoo bucks 14.250 1.425 19 hours Market place
India Event Week Goals
Title Description Completion Reward
Goal End of Summer Special!
End of Summer Special!
expiration Date 8/27/2012 18:00:00
To complete:

Celebrate the last days of Summer by getting three of this summer's best animals! Get all three this weekend and get 65 Zoo Bucks Back!
Get one Sari Peacock! AND Get one Quadra Panda! AND Get one Snorkel Giraffe!

Endless Summer!
65 Zoo bucks
Goal Wonders of India!
Wonders of India! (1-3)
expiration Date 8/28/2012 12:00:00
To complete:

The Malabar Giant SquirrelwantstoshowyousomeofthewondersofIndia! The first wonders are the Ashoka Pillars that can be found throughout India!
Step1: Get the Malabar Giant Squirrel AND Place two Ashoka Pillars in your zoo!

The Giant Squirrel's mate wants to show you some of the beautiful ruins of ancient India! Discover fascinating ruins that have maintained their splendor after so many years!
Step2: Get the second Malabar Giant Squirrel! AND Place the Fallen Statue!

It's almost time to see the most beautiful wonder of India! The Malabar Giant Squirrelwantstobringitsentirefamily! Follow the Blue Trumpet Bushes to the final wonder!
Step3: Complete the Malabar Giant Squirrel family! AND Place three Blue Trumpet Bushes!

How magnificent!

I wonder what it used to look like!

The Taj Mahal, one of the most beautiful buildings in the world!
700 Coins2
300 XP

1.000 Coins2
800 XP

1000 XP
+ Taj Mahal unlocked for free!
Goal Peaceful Grazer!
Peaceful Grazer!
expiration Date 8/24/2012 12:00:00
To complete:

One First Free Honored Cowissuretobringlucktoyourzoo, a family of these wonderful bovines wandering your zoo is sure to be rewarding!
Complete the family of Honored Cow's!

15 Zoo bucks
700 XP

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