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Started 28.May.2013!
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Himalayas Event Limited Decorations
Decoration Size Price XP Award Unlock
Everest Base Camp Everest Base Camp 2 x 2 Free Tuesday Treat /
12.000 Coins2
50 Available for purchase in the Market during the Himalayas event!
Ice Crystals Ice Crystals 1 x 1 5.000 Coins2 50 Available for purchase in the Market during the Himalayas event!
Mount Everest Mount Everest 3 x 3 100.000 Coins2 50 Available for purchase in the Market during the Himalayas event!
Levels Store himalayas Animals Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time Area
1 Himalayan blue bear single Himalayan Blue Bear 99 Zoo bucks / 2nd Free 16.250 1.625 1 Day Himalayas
1 Himalayan red panda single Himalayan Red Panda First Free /
29 Zoo bucks
7.900 790 17 Hours Himalayas
1 Himalayan snow leopard single Himalayan Snow Leopard 499 Zoo bucks 14.500 1.450 16 Hours Himalayas
1 Kiang single Kiang 99 Zoo bucks 12.120 1.212 16 Hours Himalayas
1 Monal pheasant single Monal Pheasant 49 Zoo bucks 13.500 1.350 22 Hours Himalayas
1 Musk deer single Musk Deer 85.000 Coins2 530 53 17 Hours Himalayas
1 Pallas cat single Pallas Cat 1.500.000 Coins2 4.500 450 15 Hours Himalayas
1 Tibetan sheep single Tibetan Sheep 215.000 Coins2 940 94 12 Hours Himalayas
1 Yeti single Yeti 499 Zoo bucks 19.100 1.910 21 Hours Himalayas
Himalayas Event Week Goals
Description Completion / Reward
Goal himalayan blue bear titleThe Himalayan Blue Bear is an extremely rare member of the brown bear family. Very little is known about these beautiful blue grey bears. Get a pair for your zoo to share them with your patrons!
Goal himalayan blue bear iconGet a pair of rare Himalayan Blue Bears, the Second is Free!
Who knew a bear could be blue!
18 Zoo bucks + 700 XP
Goal golden bucks dolphin titlePart 1:
Unlock the Exclusive First Free Golden Bucks Dolphin when you purchase a Bucket of Bucks! This aquatic beauty pays out Zoo Bucks!

Goal golden bucks iconBuy a Bucket of Bucks and unlock the First Free Golden Bucks Dolphin, it pays out Zoo Bucks!
Part 2:
You unlocked the First Free Golden Bucks Dolphin! If you purchase a Truckload of Bucks you’ll get a bonus 300 Zoo Bucks, enough to complete the family and earn 15 Zoo Bucks every 32 hours!
Step 1:
Goal golden bucks iconPlace the Golden Bucks Dolphin in your zoo and start collecting Zoo Bucks!
Step 2:Goal bucks iconBuy a Truckload of Bucks now and get a bonus 300 Zoo Bucks!
Completion 1:
The Golden Bucks

Dolphin is ready to bring you Bucks!
Golden bucks dolphin static
Golden Bucks Dolphin

Completion 2:
Wow, a Bonus 300 Bucks!
300 Zoo bucks + 1.000 XP

Goal tibetan sheep titlePart 1:
Have you ever been to the top of Mount Everest? Legend says there is a great treasure hidden near the top of the mountain, let’s see if we can find it!
Step 1:
Goal tibetan sheep iconYou’ll need some guides, add me and my partner to your zoo!
Step 2:Goal mount everest iconLet’s explore Mount Everest, get one!
Part 2:
This mountain is too big, we need to ask for help finding the treasure. I bet the Himalaya Red Panda knows the last place it was seen!
Step 1:
Goal himalayan red panda iconGet a Himalayan Red Panda, it’ll tell you how to find the treasure!
Step 2:Goal ice crystals iconFollow the path of 5 ice Crystals, the treasure is hidden under the fifth one!
Step 3:Goal tibetan sheep iconComplete my family to help carry back all this treasure!
Completion 1:
The mountain is so big, where could the treasure be?
8.000 Coins2 + 1.000 XP

Completion 2:
We got it! Good thing we didn’t run into any Yetis!
9.000 Coins2 + 4.000 XP + 9 Zoo bucks
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3. June 2013 Himalayas
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2. June 2013 Himalayas
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Added: Pallas Cat
Updated: Areas
1. June 2013 Himalayas
Himalayas hud
Added: Himalayan Blue Bear, Yeti
Updated: Areas, Goals, Buy1 Get1
31. May 2013 Himalayas
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Added: Fire Tiger, Himalayan Snow Leopard, Musk Deer
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30. May 2013 Himalayas
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Added: Kiang
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29. May 2013 Himalayas, Cashback Animals
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Added: Monal Pheasant, Golden Bucks Dolphin
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28. May 2013 Himalayas
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Added: Himalayan Red Panda, Tibetan Sheep
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