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Started 28.August.2012!

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Levels Store Glow Animals Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time Area
1 Glow seahorse single Glow Seahorse 29 Zoo bucks 10.000 1.000 22 hours Glowing water
1 Luminescent jelly single Luminescent Jelly 125.000 Coins2 1.180 118 1 day, 2 hours Glowing water
1 Glowrilla single Glowrilla 625.000 Coins2 5.210 521 23 hours Glowing Land
1 Moonlight butterfly single Moonlight Butterfly 29 Zoo bucks 8.320 832 16 hours Glowing Land
1 Harlequin toad single Harlequin Toad 450.000 Coins2 3.100 310 19 hours Glowing Land
1 Northern lights griffin single Northern Lights Griffin 499 Zoo bucks 23.600 2.360 1 day, 2 hours Glowing Land
1 Glow sea dragon single Glow Sea Dragon 99 Zoo bucks 19.350 1.935 1 day, 1 hour Glowing water
1 Glow worm single Glow Worm 200.000 Coins2 800 80 11 hours Glowing Land
1 Luminescent fairy single Luminescent Fairy 499 Zoo bucks 20.000 2.000 22 hours Glowing Land
1 Zebra lionfish single Zebra Lionfish 99 Zoo bucks 20.500 2.050 1 day, 4 hour Glowing water
1 Firefly squid single Firefly Squid 300.000 Coins2 1.310 131 12 hours Glowing water
1 Black dragon fish single Black Dragon Fish 99 Zoo bucks 14.250 1.425 19 hour Glowing water
1 Radiant otter single Radiant Otter 29 Zoo bucks 9.360 936 18 hours Glowing Land
Glow Event Week Goals
Title Description Completion Reward
Goal Showstopper!
expiration Date 8/31/2012 12:00:00
To complete:

The Glow Seahorse family loves to put on an beautiful light show as they swoop and dive through the water! Complete the Glow Seahorse family and get a reward!
Complete the family of Glow Seahorses!

What a show!
18 Zoo bucks
500 XP
Goal Deep Sea Glow!
Deep Sea Glow! (1-2)
expiration Date 9/4/2012 12:00:00
To complete:

Combine the beauty of the Glow Seahorse with the fascinating light of the Glow Worm to crossbreed the mesmerizing Glow Sea Dragon!
Step1: Have one Glow Seahorse! AND Have one Glow Worm! AND Crossbreed the Glow Sea Dragon!

The Glow Sea Dragonistherulerofthedeepwithitsflowingandglowingfins! Complete its family to fill your zoo with their glowing light!
Step2: Complete the Glow Sea Dragon Family!

What beautiful fins!

5.000 Coins2
500 XP

20 Zoo bucks
1.000 XP
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