Giant Isopod
Giant Isopod single
Lvl req. 27
Type Animals unlocked through leveling up
Area Tropical
Shop / Animal
Cost Coins2 500.000
Gain Veteran/ Giant Isopod single {{{GainVeteran}}}
Gain 09.2011/ Giant Isopod single Coins2 3.100
XP 310
Every 6 hours
Breeding / Animal
Parent1 --
Parent2 --
Cost Coins2 500.000
in 20 hours
Instant Zoo bucks 20/20
Reward for completing a Family
Family XP 310
Family Gain Coins2 5.000
Crossbreeding / Animal
Partner1 --
Result1 --
X-Cost1 --
X-in1 --
X-Instant1 --
Partner2 --
Result2 --
X-Cost2 --
X-in2 --
X-Instant2 --
Collections --

A giant isopod is any of approximately nine species of large isopods (crustaceans related to the shrimp and crabs) in the genus Bathynomus. They are thought to be abundant in cold, deep waters of the Atlantic.

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