Tiny Zoo Wiki

Friends and Neighbours

Visit other Zoos

Sometimes in the beginning you will get the task to visit your neighbours. This means that you have to visit other Zoos. You can visit so many Zoos you like per day and every 100 zoos you level up. It is depending on your own level you will get different amounts of coins and XP.

How to find other Zoos? First option is: click on the friends button and after this go tot he „community“ tab. There are approx. shown a bunch of other Zoo keepers. To visit them just click on „Visit“.

Second option is Facebook

It's AddMe Monday! Want more visitors to your zoo? Leave your TinyID in the comments. You can pick them and type the IDs in the field you find in Friends tab.

If you like a visited Zoo press the „Leave a Tip“ button and the keeper will earn 100 coins.

Get visits from Friends

You can earn max. 5,000 coins/day (100 coins/friend) with visits by other keepers.

TinyCo increased the tip amount from 50 coins to 100, greatly increased the amount of tips you can give people a day, and you can now receive 50 tips a day instead of 20.

Reputation Level

Your rep level will increase by tipping other Zoos. The value for tipping other zoos depends on your actual reputation level. The max. rep Level you can reach is 200. If you reach the 200 the bar is full and you won’t get any coins/xp for visiting other friends.

There is no limit how many friends you tip per day.

Happy tipping!

Thank you Pink-baby for this Informations!