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Started 14.May.2013!
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Flowers & Gems Event Limited Decorations
Decoration Size Price XP Award Unlock
Golden Roses Golden Roses 1 x 1 Free Tuesday Treat /
20.000 Coins2
50 Available for purchase in the Market during the Flowers & Gems event!
Levels Store flowers & gems Animals Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time Area
1 Bouquet elephant single Bouquet Elephant 499 Zoo bucks 17.250 1.725 19 Hours Glowing flowers
1 Daisy mouse single Daisy Mouse 65.000 Coins2 290 29 8 Hours Flower patch
1 Diamond dolphin single Diamond Dolphin 499 Zoo bucks 15.500 1.550 17 Hours Birthstone water
1 Elegant hummingbird single Elegant Hummingbird 350.000 Coins2 2.030 203 16 Hours Glowing flowers
1 Hydrangea giraffe single Hydrangea Giraffe 49 Zoo bucks/
2nd Free
12.500 1.250 20 Hours Luau Land
1 Pearlescent butterfly single Pearlescent Butterfly First Free / 29 Zoo bucks 10.750 1.075 23 Hours Fairy Hollow
1 Sunflower fairy single Sunflower Fairy 99 Zoo bucks 17.750 1.775 1 Day Flower patch
1 Wisteria fox single Wisteria Fox 99 Zoo bucks 14.650 1.465 20 Hours Fairy Hollow
Flowers & Gems Event Week Goals
Description Completion / Reward
Goal cubby skunk flower titleWhat’s that smell? It’s the floral bouquet of the Flower Cubby Skunk! It’s blooming in your Cubby Patch for a Limited Time, get one now!
Goal cubby skunk flower iconGet the Limited Time Flower Skunk Cubby!
The sweet smell of spring flowers!
9 Zoo bucks + 800 XP
Goal bucks menagerie titleComplete the LIMITED TIME Zoo Buck Menagerie Collection and unlock the glamorous Bucks Griffin Statue and 200 Zoo Bucks! Hurry because this collection won’t be available for long!
Goal bucks griffin iconComplete the Bucks Griffin family!
Goal fortune tiger iconComplete the Fortune Tiger family!
Goal gold bucks bear iconComplete the Goldne Bucks Bear family!
Fantastic, enjoy your reward!
200 Zoo bucks
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20. May 2013 Flowers & Gems
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19. May 2013 Flowers & Gems
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Added: Sunflower Fairy
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18. May 2013 Flowers & Gems
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Added: Bouquet Elephant, Pearlescent Butterfly
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17. May 2013 Flowers & Gems
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Added: Diamond Dolphin
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16. May 2013 Flowers & Gems Booster Packs
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Added: Elegant Hummingbird, Jewel Fish, Jewel Pegasus
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15. May 2013 Flowers & Gems
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Added: Wisteria Fox, Zoo Buck Menagerie!
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14. May 2013 Flowers & Gems
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Added: Daisy Mouse, Hydrangea Giraffe
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