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Started 04.September.2012!

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Levels Store FairyTale Animals Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time Area
1 Blackbird pie single Blackbird Pie 450.000 Coins2 2.610 261 16 hours Fairytale Garden
1 Fable fox single Fable Fox 49 Zoo bucks 11.800 1.180 20 hours Fairytale Garden
1 Fairytale beast single Fairytale Beast 99 Zoo bucks 17.580 1.758 1 Day Fairytale Garden
1 Goldilocks fairy single Goldilocks Fairy 99 Zoo bucks 12.780 1.278 17 hours Fairytale Garden
1 Little mermaid single Little Mermaid 499 Zoo bucks 14.500 1.450 16 hours Fairytale water
1 Moon cow single Moon Cow 99 Zoo bucks 11.150 1.115 16 hours Fairytale Garden
1 Mother goose single Mother Goose 29 Zoo bucks 10.000 1.000 22 hours Fairytale Garden
1 Pinocchio single Pinocchio 325.000 Coins2 1.540 154 13 hours Fairytale Garden
1 Puss in boots single Puss in Boots 165.000 Coins2 1.450 145 1 day Fairytale Garden
1 Storyteller fairy single Storyteller Fairy 499 Zoo bucks 9.070 907 10 hours Fairytale Garden
1 Swan princess single Swan Princess 499 Zoo bucks 19.100 1.910 21 hours Fairytale water
1 Three blind mice single Three Blind Mice 29 Zoo bucks 5.000 500 10 hours Fairytale Garden
1 Ugly duckling single Ugly Duckling 95.000 Coins2 420 42 12 hours Fairytale Garden
Fairy Tale Event Week Goals
Title Description Completion Reward
Goal Finicky Fairy!
Finicky Fairy! (1-2)
expiration Date 9/11/2012 12:00:00
To complete:

There is a special golden fairy that thinks your zoo will be just the perfect place to live! She's been to many zoo's but none of them have seemed quite right. Crossbreed her now to add her to your zoo!
Step1: Have 1 Mother Goose! AND Have 1 Pink Fairy Armadillo! AND Crossbreed the Goldilocks Fairy!

Thanks for welcoming me into your zoo! The last zoo I visited was too crowded! Though now I wish I had more company...will you complete my family so I can have more friends with me?
Step2: Complete the Goldilocks Fairy family!

Hmm, I like this zoo!

Ah, just right!!
5.000 Coins2
1.000 XP

20 Zoo bucks
1.000 XP
Goal Rescue the Princess!
Rescue the Princess! (1-4)
expiration Date 9/11/2012 12:00:00
To complete:

The Princess is lost! All we found was her shoe as she fled the ball. Hurry and find a hero who can help us find the lost princess!
Step1: Get Puss in Boots to help find the Princess! AND Find the Glass Slipper for clues!

There was fairy dust on the Princess's shoe! I think she travelled through the Fairy Forest! Let's go there and see if we can find her!
Step2: Enter the Fairy Forest! Place 2 Fairy Trees!

We followed the footsteps to the Princess Tower in the center of the Fairy Forest! Quick, let's climb the tower and rescue the Princess trapped inside!
Step3: Climb the Princess Tower! AND Get a second Puss in Boots to help climb the tower!

The Princess wasn't trapped, she was just taking a vacation! She is so appreciative of our efforts to rescue her that she has invited Puss in Boots and his family to be her Royal Guard in the Castle!
Step4: Complete the Puss in Boots family to be the Royal Guard!

Ah ha! I have an idea!

She's not here, but I found her footsteps!

What's that in the distance?

You're always welcome in the castle!
500 Coins2
200 XP

1.000 Coins2
500 XP

1.500 Coins2
700 XP

2.000 Coins2
1.000 XP
+ Princess Castle for free!

Princess Castle
Goal Getting Ready for Winter!
Getting Ready for Winter! (1-2)
expiration Date 9/7/2012 12:00:00
To complete:

The Fable Foxhaslearnedhislessonandisalreadypreparingforwinter! He even has a special treat for you if you add him to your zoo!
Step1: Add the Fable Fox to your zoo!

Now that he's ready for winter, the Fable Fox wants to spend it with his family! Complete the Fable Fox's family in time and he'll give you a big reward!
Step2: Complete the Fable Fox's Family!

Winter is Coming!

Mmm warm and cozy!
5 Zoo bucks
300 XP

20 Zoo bucks
500 XP
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