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Started 14.August.2012!

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Levels Store Extinct Animals Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time Area
25 Quagga single Quagga 29 Zoo bucks 10.250 1.025 21 hours Extinct
25 Passenger pigeon single Passenger Pigeon 575.000 Coins2 5.000 500 1 day, 6 hours Extinct
25 Dire wolf single Dire Wolf 9 Zoo bucks 4.400 440 16 hours Woodland
25 Giant kangaroo single Giant Kangaroo 1.950.000 Coins2 5.000 500 19 hours Desert
25 Paraceratherium single Paraceratherium 150.000 Coins2 3.100 310 22 hours Extinct
25 Apatosaurus single Apatosaurus 99 Zoo bucks 18.950 1.895 1 day, 2 hours Extinct
25 Archaeopteryx single Archaeopteryx 499 Zoo bucks 21.000 2.100 23 hours Extinct
25 Megalodon single Megalodon 499 Zoo bucks 18.250 1.825 20 hours Shark beach
25 Phenacodus single Phenacodus 29 Zoo bucks 6.000 600 12 hours Extinct
25 Horned gopher single Horned Gopher 850.000 Coins2 2.150 215 10 hours Extinct
25 Gigantopithecus single Gigantopithecus 29 Zoo bucks 15.000 1.500 1 day, 9 hours Extinct
25 Mastodon single Mastodon 99 Zoo bucks 12.300 1.230 16 hours Extinct
Extinct Event Week Goals
Title Description Completion Reward
Goal Looooong Neck!
Looooong Neck!
expiration Date 8/21/2012 12:00:00
To complete:

The Apatosaurusisoneofthemostfamousdinosaursintheworld! Patrons will flock to your zoo to see this famous long necked dino!
Get the Apatosaurus, the second is FREE!

That's a looooong neck!
12 Zoo bucks
250 XP
Goal Ancient Forest Dweller!
Ancient Forest Dweller! (1-3)
expiration Date 8/20/2012 12:00:00
To complete:

The ParaceratheriumisanancientrelativeoftheRhinoceros. It lived long ago in the ancient prehistoric forests of the Eocene era! Revive this long extinct animal in your zoo!
Step1: Revive the extinct Paraceratherium!

The Paraceratherium lives off of the extinct plants of the prehistoric forest! If you want to raise a happy family of Paraceratherium's you'll need to plant a prehistoric forest!
Step2: Grow 2 Prehistoric Ferns! AND Grow 2 Extinct Red Ferns! AND Grow 2 Extinct Cone Palms!
Your zoo is finally ready to raise the whole family of Paraceratherium! Complete the family to finally bring them back from extinction!
Step3: Complete the Paraceratherium family!

Welcome Back!

Beautiful and Tasty!

They roam the Earth again!
2.000 Coins2
200 XP

3.000 Coins2
300 XP

9 Zoo bucks
500 XP
Goal Digging for Buried Treasure!
Digging for Buried Treasure! (1-4)
expiration Date 8/20/2012 12:00:00
To complete:

The Giant Kangaroo lived during the Pleistocene epoch when giant animals roamed the Earth! This creature is bound to know ancient secrets!
Step1: Get the Giant Kangaroo and learn its secrets!
The land beneath your zoo is full of fossils and ancient treasures! These fossils are worth a fortune to museums who are uncovering secrets of a forgotten time!
Step2: Dig for secrets in the Excavation Site! AND Uncover two Plant Fossils!

Imagine what interesting animals used to walk the Earth! There must be more remnants of them buried deep down! The Giant Kangaroo's mate will know where to look!
Step3: Get the second Giant Kangaroo and find more treasure! AND Uncover the Foot Fossil!
The final, most beautiful piece of preserved history is hidden deep inside the Excavation Site! The Giant Kangaroowilltellyouwhereitishidden, but only if you reunite it with the rest of its family!
Step4: Complete the Giant Kangaroo family!

That's one big Kangaroo!

What fascinating finds!

What could have made that footprint?

Enjoy this piece of history!
2.000 Coins2
300 XP

2.000 Coins2
400 XP

3.000 Coins2
500 XP

7.000 Coins2
30.000 XP
+ Bug in Amber for free!

Bug in Amber
Goal Leader of the Pack!
Leader of the Pack!
expiration Date 8/20/2012 12:00:00
To complete:

Packs of gigantic Dire Wolves used to roam the land hunting for food! Bring back this impressive sight by completing a family of Dire Wolves for your zoo!
Create a pack of Dire Wolves by completing the family!

Fierce and Loyal!
5 Zoo bucks
300 XP
2.000 Coins2

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