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Started 7.May.2013!
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Levels Store elemental Animals Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time Area
1 Earth turtle single Earth Turtle First Free /
99 Zoo bucks
12.550 1.255 17 Hours Four elements
1 Electric mouse single Electric Mouse 225.000 Coins2 740 74 9 Hours Four elements
1 Flame fox single Flame Fox 49 Zoo bucks 12.500 1.250 20 Hours Four elements
1 Flame monkey single Flame Monkey 450.000 Coins2 2.940 294 18 Hours Four elements
1 Icicle unicorn single Icicle Unicorn 499 Zoo bucks 13.590 1.359 15 Hours Four elements
1 Stone gorilla single Stone Gorilla 615.000 Coins2 4.250 425 19 Hours Four elements
1 Storm wolf single Storm Wolf 29 Zoo bucks/
2nd Free
11.500 1.150 1 Day, 1 hour Four elements
1 Tidal phoenix single Tidal Phoenix 499 Zoo bucks 9.370 937 10 Hours Four elements
1 Windy bird single Windy Bird 99 Zoo bucks 12.000 1.200 16 Hours Four elements
Elemental Event Week Goals
Description Completion / Reward
Goal cubby pegasus bucks title
The Limited Time Zoo Bucks Variety Pegacorn Cubby pays out Zoo Bucks! Adopt a Pegacorn Cubby for a Chance to get the Bucks Pegacorn and start earning Zoo Bucks!
Goal cubby pegasus bucks iconAdopt the Bucks Pegacorn now and get 10 Bonus Zoo Bucks and the golden Bucks Pegacorn Trophy!
A little bucks millionaire!
15 Zoo bucks + 1.000 XP +
Bucks Pegacorn Cubby Statue
Bucks Pegacorn Cubby Statue
Goal gold bucks bear title
Part 1:
When you take home a honey sweet Golden Bucks Bear you’ll get the SECOND FREE! Hou could you say no?
Goal gold bucks bear iconBuy one Goledn Bucks Bear and get the SECOND FREE! What a sweet deal!
Part 2:
A pair of Golden Bucks Bears are great, but a whole family will earn 12 Zoo Bucks everytime you collect! You’ll even get 130 Bonus Bucks when you complete the family now!
Goal gold bucks bear iconComplete the Golden Bucks Bear family now and get 130 Bonus Zoo Bucks!
Completion 1:
Enjoy those Bucks!
69 Zoo bucks + 800 XP

Completion 2:
An overflowing bowl of Bucks!
130 Zoo bucks + 1.000 XP
Goal earth turtle title
Butterflies are attracted to the flowers that grow on the shell of the Earth Turtle. Complete a family of Earth Turtles and watch the butterflies flutter!
Goal earth turtle iconComplete a family of Earth Turtles to attract the butterflies!
A moving garden!
20 Zoo bucks + 800 XP
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13. May 2013 Elemental
Elemental hud
12. May 2013 Elemental
Cubby pegasus bucks hud
Added: Storm Wolf
Updated: Areas, Goals, Buy1 Get1, Cubby Pegasus
11. May 2013 Elemental
Element collection sale last hud
Added: Stone Gorilla, Tidal Phoenix
Updated: Areas
10. May 2013 Elemental
Elemental collection sale hud
Added: Flame Fox, Icicle Unicorn. Essential Elements!
Updated: Areas, Collection Rewards
9. May 2013 Elemental
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Added: Windy Bird
Updated: Areas
8. May 2013 Elemental, Cashback Animals
Gold bucks bear hud
Added: Flame Monkey, Golden Bucks Bear
Updated: Areas, Goals, Buy1 Get1
7. May 2013 Elemental
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Added: Earth Turtle, Electric Mouse
Updated: Areas, Goals, First Free Animals