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There are two types of currency in Tiny Zoo. The first kind of currency is gold. Gold will let you progress through the game by helping purchase items from the store. You can use money to buy animals, decorations, land expansions, and stores. There are seven ways to get gold.
  1. Collect revenue from one of your animals or cubbies. Every animal has a revenue. Some might take longer or give more gold.
  2. Daily bonus. Everyday you will get a little bit of money (see below).
  3. Tips. People can give you tips when they visit you. Each person's tip is worth 100 gold, so you don't usually make a lot of money by tips.
  4. Buy Gold. You can buy gold with real money from the app store.
  5. Complete a family of animals. Each completed family gives a 15% bonus and a certain number of coins just for completing the family.
  6. Complete goals. Some goals give coins but others give zoo bucks.
  7. Buy booster packs. Booster packs come with coins but also other items.

Zoo Buck

The second type of currency is called Zoo Bucks. Zoo bucks are a special kind of money that is rare. You can use Zoo Bucks to buy rare and limited edition animals and items, to intanstly expand your land or to instantly finish a cross breed or breed. There are seven ways to get Zoo Bucks:

  1. Level up. Every time you level up you obtain 1 Zoo Buck.
  2. Complete Goals. Not all goals result in a reward with Zoo Bucks but most of them do. If you are not sure which ones do, you can check the reward of a goal here.
  3. Complete collections. Usually collection completions result in the prize of 1 Zoo Buck, rarer collections give more.
  4. Recruit Friends. If you recruit a friend he/she can put your Tiny ID in his/her profile as his/her recruiter. You will receive 10 Zoo Bucks for the recruitment and 1 Zoo Buck for the first ten times he/she levels up.
  5. Collect from CashBack Animals. There are only a few CashBack Animals and when introduced they were only available for a limited time. Sometimes a CashBack Animal is re-introduced for a limited time.
  6. Buy Zoo Bucks. Like gold you can buy it from the app store. Zoo Bucks are rare so use them wisely.
  7. Buy booster packs. Booster packs come with Zoo Bucks but also other items.

Daily Bonus

When you play Tiny Zoo every day, you will receive a daily bonus. The

amount of Zoo Coins depends on the Zoo Level you have, but the system remains the same.

  • Day 1: Zoo Coins Bonus (depending on your Zoo Level)
  • Day 2: Zoo Coins Bonus (depending on your Zoo Level)
  • Day 3: Decoration
  • Day 4: Zoo Coins Bonus (depending on your Zoo Level)
  • Day 5: Zoo Bucks Bonus (3 Zoo Bucks)

Be aware that you have to play every day in order to take the next step to the next Bonus Level. Skipping one day brings you right at the start of your bonus ladder. Very important: A "zoo day“ starts at 5 pm PDT!

Zoo Bucks ZooBucks Title.png

Taste of Bucks 10 Bucks $0.99 £0.69 €0.79
Handful of Bucks 44 Bucks $3.99 £2.49 €2.99
Scoop of Bucks 60 Bucks $4.99 £2.99 €3.99
Pitchfork of Bucks 125 Bucks $9.99 £6.99 €7.99
Bucket of Bucks 280 Bucks $19.99 £13.99 €15.99
Trough of Bucks 725 Bucks $49.99 £34.99 €39.99
Truckload of Bucks 1.725 Bucks $99.99 £69.99 €79.99

Gold ZooCoins Title.png

Taste of Coins 13,588 Coins $0.99 £0.69 €0.79
Handful of Coins 88,514 Coins $3.99 £2.49 €2.99
Scoop of Coins 137,212 Coins $4.99 £2.99 €3.99
Pitchfork of Coins 340,598 Coins $9.99 £6.99 €7.99
Bucket of Coins 871,577 Coins $19.99 £13.99 €15.99
Trough of Coins 2,725,043 Coins $49.99 £34.99 €39.99
Truckload of Coins 7,812,507 Coins $99.99 £69.99 €79.99

The amount of coins depends on your actual level, the higher your level is then the higher the quantity of coins. For example, if you are at level 44, the quantity ranges from 264,201 coins for the Taste of Coins to 132,505,000 coins for the Truckload of Coins.