Cubby Tiger
Cubby Details
Cubby tiger common single Level Unlocked 7
Required Toddlers to Unlock 0

HUD cubby

Cost to Adopt Cubby 5.000 Coins2
Area Tiger cubby habitat
Growing Cubby Tiger
Newborn Giggling Sitting
Tiger baby mile1 single
Tiger baby mile2 single
Tiger baby mile3 single
8 hours 16 hours 24 hours
Cubby Tiger Varieties
HUD cubby Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time
Cubby tiger chance single Chance Variety Zoo bucks Chance Variety gives you a chance to get one of the following varieties of the Cubby Tiger.
Cubby tiger common single Common Common Zoo bucks 511 Coins2 52 XP 8 hours
Cubby tiger mint single Mint Uncommon Zoo bucks 581 Coins2 59 XP 8 hours
Cubby tiger primrose single Primrose RARE Zoo bucks 697 Coins2 70 XP 8 hours
Award for Completing All Cubby Tiger Varieties
Tiger baby trophy
Cubby Tiger Trophy
Additional Pictures