Cubby Penguin
Cubby Details
Cubby penguin common single Level Unlocked 1
Required Toddlers to Unlock 3

HUD cubbyGoal cubby st. patrick's penguin hudCubby penguin st. patty's last hud

Cost of Animal 1.000.000 Coins2
Area Penguin cubby habitat
Growing Cubby Penguin
Newborn Giggling Sitting
Penguin baby mile1 single
Penguin baby mile2 single
Penguin baby mile3 single
8 hours 16 hours 24 hours
Cubby Penguin Varieties
HUD cubby Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time
Cubby penguin chance single Chance Variety 0 Zoo bucks Chance Variety gives you a chance to get one of the following varieties of the Cubby Penguin.
Cubby penguin common single Common Common 2 Zoo bucks 17.516 Coins2 1.752 XP 16 hours
Cubby penguin candycane single Candycane Uncommon 3 Zoo bucks 19.904 Coins2 1.991 XP 16 hours
Cubby penguin ice single Ice RARE 5 Zoo bucks 23.885 Coins2 2.389 XP 16 hours
Cubby penguin magenta single Magenta UltraRARE 19 Zoo bucks 31.847 Coins2 3.185 XP 16 hours
Cubby penguin tropical single Tropical EpicRARE 49 Zoo bucks 63.693 Coins2 6.370 XP 16 hours
Cubby Penguin St. Patrick's single St. Patrick's Cubby StPatricks 99 Zoo bucks 79.610 Coins2 7.962 XP 10 hours
Cubby Penguin Bucks Bucks Cubby bucks icon 1.499 Zoo bucks 8 Zoo bucks 4.000 XP 16 hours
Award for Completing All Cubby Penguin Varieties
Penguin baby trophy
Cubby Penguin Trophy
Additional Pictures
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Cubby penguin st. patrick's goal modal
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