Cubby Elephant
Cubby Details
Cubby elephant common single Level Unlocked 7
Required Toddlers to Unlock 13

HUD cubby Goal cubby elephant bucks hud Birthday 2 cubby sale hud

Cost of Animal 99 Zoo bucks
Area Elephant cubby habitat
Growing Cubby Elephant
Newborn Giggling Sitting
Elephant baby mile1 single
Elephant baby mile2 single
Elephant baby mile3 single
24 hours 24 hours 48 hours
Cubby Elephant Varieties
HUD cubby Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time
Cubby elephant chance single Chance Variety Zoo bucks Chance Variety gives you a chance to get one of the following varieties of the Cubby Elephant.
Cubby elephant common single Common Common Zoo bucks 19.500 Coins2 1.950 XP 18 hours
Cubby elephant midnight single Auburn Uncommon Zoo bucks 22.160 Coins2 2.216 XP 18 hours
Cubby elephant pink single Winter RARE 29 Zoo bucks 26.591 Coins2 2.660 XP 18 hours
Cubby elephant polka dot single Pink UltraRARE 99 Zoo bucks 35.455 Coins2 3.546 XP 18 hours
Cubby elephant rainbow single Rainbow EpicRARE 499 Zoo bucks 70.910 Coins2 7.091 XP 18 hours
Cubby Elephant Bucks single Bucks Cubby bucks icon 1.499 Zoo bucks Zoo bucks 4.000 XP 18 hours
Award for Completing All Cubby Elephant Varieties
Elephant baby trophy
Cubby Elephant Trophy
Award for Having Bucks Variety
Bucks Elephant Cubby Statue
Bucks Elephant Cubby Statue
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