Common Octopus
Common Octopus single
Lvl req. 16
Type Animals unlocked through leveling up
Area Pool C
Shop / Animal
Cost Coins2 599.000
Gain Veteran/ Common Octopus single {{{GainVeteran}}}
Gain 09.2011/ Common Octopus single Coins2 10.850
XP 650
Every 19 hours
Breeding / Animal
Parent1 --
Parent2 --
Cost Coins2 599.000
in 11 hours
Instant Zoo bucks 45/45
Reward for completing a Family
Family XP 650
Family Gain Coins2 5.990
Crossbreeding / Animal
Partner1 --
Result1 --
X-Cost1 --
X-in1 --
X-Instant1 --
Partner2 --
Result2 --
X-Cost2 --
X-in2 --
X-Instant2 --
Collections Ocean Adventure

The Common Octopus is the most studied of all octopus species. Its natural range extends from the Mediterranean Sea and the southern coast of England to at least Senegal in Africa. It also occurs off the Azores, Canary Islands, and Cape Verde Islands.

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