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Started 21.May.2013!
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Color! Event Limited Decorations
Decoration Size Price XP Award Unlock
Rainbow Eucalyptus Rainbow Eucalyptus 1 x 1 Free Tuesday Treat /
10.000 Coins2
50 Available for purchase in the Market during the Color! event!
Levels Store color! Animals Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time Area
1 Blue collie single Blue Collie First Free /
99 Zoo bucks
15.000 1.500 21 Hours Flowery Field
1 Bright albino peacock single Bright Albino Peacock 499 Zoo bucks 15.400 1.540 17 Hours Groovy habitat
1 Calico cat single Calico Cat 225.000 Coins2 1.310 131 16 Hours Grasslands
1 Fuzzy yellow lionfish single Fuzzy Yellow Lionfish 99 Zoo bucks 11.250 1.125 15 Hours Coral reef
1 Mandarin dragonet single Mandarin Dragonet 29 Zoo bucks /
2nd Free
4.500 450 9 Hours Aquarium
1 Mandarin duck single Mandarin Duck 49 Zoo bucks 12.950 1.295 21 Hours Grasslands
1 Mantis shrimp single Mantis Shrimp 499 Zoo bucks 15.500 1.550 17 Hours Foreshore
30 Red sided garter snatke single Red Garter Snake 625.000 Coins2 4.170 417 23 Hours Woodland
30 Tropical mandrill single Tropical Mandrill 3.250.000 Coins2 7.000 700 20 Hours Rainforest2
Color! Event Week Goals
Description Completion / Reward
Goal mandarin duck titleIn traditional Chinese culture, Mandarin Ducks are believed to be lifelong couples and are frequently featured in Chinese art!
Goal mandarin duck iconComplete the Mandarin Duck family!
Wonderful, look how nice they look!
10 Zoo bucks + 600 XP
Goal blue collie titleThe Blue Merle Collie has one of the most beautiful coats of all dogs. Complete the family and bask in the puppy love!
Goal blue collie iconComplete a family of Blue Collies!
Come and pet me!
15 Zoo bucks + 1.000 XP
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