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Started 4.December.2012!

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Levels Store christmas in new york Animals Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time Area
1 Central park fawn single Central Park Fawn First Free / 99 Zoo bucks 13.250 1.325 18 Hours Christmas In New York
1 Christmas chipmunk single Christmas Chipmunk 475.000 Coins2 2.930 293 17 Hours Christmas In New York
1 Christmas cookie rat single Christmas Cookie Rat 225.000 Coins2 2.120 212 1 Day, 2 hours Christmas In New York
1 Hanukkah octopus single Hanukkah Octopus 8.000 Coins2 40 4 12 Hours Aquarium
1 Holly pigeon single Holly Pigeon 125.000 Coins2 460 46 10 Hours Christmas In New York
1 Ice skating raccoon singl Ice Skating Raccoon 29 Zoo bucks 13.200 1.320 1 Day, 4 hours Christmas In New York
1 New york carriage horse New York Carriage Horse 99 / 2nd Free Zoo bucks 16.000 1.600 22 Hours Christmas In New York
1 New york gorilla single New York Gorilla 499 Zoo bucks 13.600 1.360 15 Hours Christmas In New York
1 Snowflake blue jay single Snowflake Blue Jay 29 Zoo bucks 13.2050 1.325 1 Day, 3 hours Christmas In New York
1 Statue of liberty fairy single Statue Of Liberty Fairy 499 Zoo bucks 19.050 1.905 21 Hours Christmas In New York
Christmas In New York Event Week Goals
Description Completion / Reward
Goal ice skating raccoon title
To complete:
A pair of Ice skating Raccoons make quite a sight drifting along the ice. Get two Ice Skating Raccoons before they are gone!
Step 1:Goal ice skating raccoon icon Get a pair of Ice Skating Raccoons!
How elegant!
10 Zoo bucks + 400 XP
New york carriage horse title
To complete:
Go on a snowy sleigh ride pulled by a pair of fabulous Christmas Carriage Horses! When you get one, the second is FREE!
Step 1:Goal new york carriage horse icon Get a Christmas Carriage Horse and get the SECOND FREE!Complete the Christmas Carriage Horse family to dash through the snow on your sleigh
Step 2:Goal new york carriage horse icon Complete the Christmas Carriage Horse family!
Completion 1:
A beautiful pair!
10 Zoo bucks + 200 XP

Completion 2:
A winter wonderland!
18 Zoo bucks + 500 XP
Goal overflowing riches title
To complete:
Complete the LIMITED TIME Overflowing Riches and get the fabulous Riches Fountain and 200 Zoo Bucks! Hurry, this exclusive Collection ENDS soon!
Step 1a:Goal fortune phoenix iconComplete the Fortune Phoenix family!
Step 1b:Goal bucks giraffe iconComplete the Bucks Giraffe family!
Step 1c:Goal bucks peacock icon Complete the Bucks Peacock family!
So many riches!

200 Zoo bucks +
Bucks phoenix fountain
Riches Fountain
Goal christmas village rudolph title
To complete:
Bring a whole family of 4 of Christmas Village Squirrels into your zoo!
Step 1a:Goal christmas village mouse iconBring 2 Christmas Village Mice into your Zoo!
Step 1b:Goal christmas village pig icon Bring 2 Christmas Village Pigs into your Zoo!
Wow, you've found a bunch of friends! I want to play a really big game though, we'll need to complete the families!
Step 2a:Goal christmas village mouse iconComplete your family of Christmas Village Mice!
Step 2b:Goal christmas village pig icon Complete your family of Christmas Village Pigs!I'm so happy!! I can't wait to bring my whole family to join in our games! If you complete my family, I'll reward you with 49 Zoo Bucks!
Step 3:Goal christmas village rudolph icon Complete your family of Christmas Village Rudolphs!
Completion 1:
Look, you've got a whole village set up!
500 Coins2 + 50 XP

Completion 2:
Hurray! Let's play games!
1.000 Coins2 + 100 XP +
Goal christmas village rudolph icon
Christmas Village Rudolph

Completion 3:
Let the Reindeer Games begin!
49 Zoo bucks + 500 XP
Goal bucks dragon title
To complete:
When you take home a magnificent Bucks Dragon right now, you can get the SECOND FREE!
Step 1:Goal bucks dragon iconBuy one Bucks Dragon and get the SECOND FREE!
Make sure you bring home the whole Bucks Dragon family before they're gone! Complete your family and get a bonus 130 Zoo Bucks right away!
Step 2:Goal bucks dragon iconComplete the Bucks Dragon family!
Completion 1:
Enjoy your Bucks!
69 Zoo bucks + 500 XP

Completion 2:
A mountain of treasure!
130 Zoo bucks + 700 XP
Goal central park fawn title
To complete:
Your heart will leap with joy and be warmed on a chilly winter day when you see a happy Family of Central Park Fawns skipping through the park!
Goal central park fawn icon Complete the Central Park Fawn family!
Look at them go!
30 Zoo bucks + 750 XP
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