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Cross-breedable animals

Some animals are not cross-breedable in initial stages of the game, but later on they are. For instance, in level 23, you can cross-breed the African Elephant with the Black Bear to create a Woolly Mammoth. Also, you can cross-breed the Giant Anteater and the Skunk on level 23.

Jens, you have to be at least level 10 to use the lab. Maybe you can then already cross-bread the mammoth. As I received the possibilty for it in lvl 25 and you in 23 I assume that this cross-bread was in included in an update because i also have now 3 new expansion possibilities - also in my game 2 - where i did not have them last week. So in my opnion there was a "silent" update and now the mammoth is also available at lvl 10. But I will check it as soon as game 2 is at 10.

Kitzblitz 19:45, May 22, 2011 (UTC)

O yeah I forgot that lv 10 req. Just change all all cross-breeds under lv 10 to 10. The 2 new cross-breeds where not higher lv req. It was just an update.

Jens Ingels 09:34, May 24, 2011 (UTC)

Skunk + Mustang = Zebra
Lion + Tiger = Liger
Mountain Gorilla + Baboon = Mandrill
Black Bear + Lynx = Sun Bear
Liger + Ocelot = Jaguar
Blue Butterfly + Sand Crane = Tree Fairy
Polar Bear + Swift Fox = Arctic Fox
Welsh Pig + Pegasus = Flying Pig
Swan + Peacock = Snowy Owl
Alligator + Tree Fairy = Fairy Dragon
Alligator + Brontosaurus = T-Rex
Black Bear + African Elephant = Woolly Mammoth

Little parser to show efficiency

Hey Guys,

I made a little Script that reads all information from this wiki page and lists the animals ordered by income per hour. You can hide pets which costs 'Zoo Bucks' and limit the listed pets to a maximum, required level.

Maybe somebody find this useful.