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Started 18.June.2013!
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Camping Event Limited Decorations
Decoration Size Price XP Award Unlock
Campfire Campfire 1 x 1 Free Tuesday Treat / 7.500 Coins2 50 Available for purchase in the Market during the Camping event!
Levels Store camping Animals Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time Area
1 Backpacking raccoon single Backpacking Raccoon 750.000 Coins2 3.200 320 14 Hours Camping
1 Boot scorpion single Boot Scorpion 125.000 Coins2 590 59 13 Hours Camping
1 Canoe skunk single Canoe Skunk 99 Zoo bucks 15.000 1.500 21 Hours Marshy lake
1 Fishing porcupine single Fishing Porcupine 2.000.000 Coins2 5.250 525 17 Hours Blue hole
1 Hungry bear single Hungry Bear 499 Zoo bucks 16.400 1.640 18 Hours Camping
1 Marshmallow fox single Marshmallow Fox 49 Zoo bucks 12.500 1.250 20 Hours Camping
1 Pack mule single Pack Mule First Free /
99 Zoo bucks
13.150 1.315 18 Hours Camping
1 Ranger fairy single Ranger Fairy 499 Zoo bucks 18.130 1.813 20 Hours Camping
1 S'more squirrel single S'more Squirrel 29 Zoo bucks 10.000 1.000 21 Hours Camping
Camping Week Goals

Backpacking raccoon goal modal

Camping tuesday treat modal
24. June 2013 Camping
Color! bonding sale last hud
Updated: Epic Goal
23. June 2013 Camping
Color! bonding sale hud
Added: Fishing Porcupine
Updated: Areas
22. June 2013 Camping
Colors! breeding sale last hud
Added: Hungry Bear, S'more Squirrel
Updated: Areas
21. June 2013 Camping
Colors! breed sale hud
Added: Canoe Skunk, Ranger Fairy
Updated: Areas, Tiny Zoo Fairies
20. June 2013 Camping
Camping hud
Added: Marshmallow Fox, Pink Hippo
Updated: Areas, Epic Goal
19. June 2013 Camping, Booster Packs
Camping booster packs hud
Added: Boot Scorpion, Forest Dragon, Forest Fairy
Updated: Areas, Tiny Zoo Fairies
18. June 2013 Camping
Camping hud
Added: Backpacking Raccoon, Pack Mule
Updated: Areas, Goals, First Free Animals