Booster Packs

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Levels Booster packs hud Animals Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time Area
Goal winged white tiger hud Mythic Booster Pack - August 2013
1 Booster pack winged white tiger Winged white tiger single Winged White Tiger 0 Zoo bucks 15.000 1.500 11 Hours Rainbow habitat
Goal book tree hud Literature Booster Packs - July 2013
Booster pack shere khan Jungle Pillar Jungle Pillar
1 Booster pack shere khan Shere khan single Shere Khan 0 Zoo bucks 21.750 2.175 1 Day Amazon
1 Booster pack babar the elephant Babar the elephant single Babar the Elephant 0 Zoo bucks 14.000 1.400 18 Hours Serengeti habitat
Booster pack book tree Book Tree Book Tree
Goal mushroom tree stump hud Camping Booster Packs - June 2013
Booster pack forest fairy Fairy House Fairy House
1 Booster pack forest fairy Forest fairy single Forest Fairy 0 Zoo bucks 20.000 2.000 22 Hours Fairy Hollow
1 Booster pack forest dragon Forest dragon single Forest Dragon 0 Zoo bucks 12.250 1.225 17 Hours Woodland
Booster pack mushroom tree stump Mushroom Tree Stump Mushroom Tree Stump
Goal flower gazebo hud Flowers & Gems Booster Packs - May 2013
Booster pack jewel pegasus Gold Tree Gold Tree
1 Booster pack jewel pegasus Jewel pegasus single Jewel Pegasus 0 Zoo bucks 20.000 2.000 22 Hours Birthstones
1 Booster pack jewel fish Jewel fish single Jewel Fish 0 Zoo bucks 13.100 1.310 17 Hours Jeweled water
Booster pack flower gazebo Flower Gazebo Flower Gazebo
Goal cake pack hud Birthday Booster Packs - April 2013
1 Party booster pack Party Fence Party Fence
1 Party booster pack Sprinkle giraffe single Sprinkle Giraffe 0 Zoo bucks 20.000 2.000 20 Hours Birthdayhabitat
1 Present booster pack Ribbon pony single Ribbon Pony 0 Zoo bucks 13.100 1.310 17 Hours Birthdayhabitat
Cake booster pack Birthday Cake Birthday Cake
Booster pack rainbow13 hud Rainbow Booster Packs - February 2013
Booster pack rainbow glow fairy Fairytale Fairy Tree Fairytale Fairy Tree
1 Booster pack rainbow glow fairy Rainbow glow fairy single Rainbow Glow Fairy 0 Zoo bucks 20.850 2.085 23 Hours Fairy Hollow
1 Booster pack rainbow glow tiger Rainbow glow tiger single Rainbow Glow Tiger 0 Zoo bucks 15.400 1.540 20 Hours Fairy Hollow
Booster pack rainbow13 Rainbow Rainbow
Booster pack jan13 hud Fairy Tale Booster Packs - January 2013
Booster pack rapunzel fairy Fabled Tower Fabled Tower
1 Booster pack rapunzel fairy Rapunzel fairy single Rapunzel Fairy 0 Zoo bucks 16.400 1.640 18 Hours Fairytale Garden
1 Booster pack fairytale dragon Fairytale dragon single Fairytale Dragon 0 Zoo bucks 12.400 1.240 16 Hours Fairytale Garden
Booster pack cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Pumpkin Carriage
Christmas booster packs hud Christmas Booster Packs - December 2012
Booster pack snowflake peacock Ice christmas tree Ice Christmas Tree
1 Booster pack snowflake peacock Snowflake peacock single Snowflake Peacock 0 Zoo bucks 17.250 1.725 19 Hours Winter wings
1 Booster pack snowflake pegasus Snowflake pegasus single Snowflake Pegasus 0 Zoo bucks 16.000 1.600 21 Hours Winter wings
Booster pack igloo Christmas igloo Christmas Igloo
Booster packs november hud Booster Packs November 2012
Booster pack valhalla Booster pack world tree World Tree
1 Booster pack valhalla Unicorn dragon single Unicorn Dragon 0 Zoo bucks 21.750 2.175 1 Day Mountaintop
1 Booster pack inferno Flame pegasus single Flame Pegasus 0 Zoo bucks 11.250 1.125 15 Hours Volcano
Booster pack atlantis Booster pack atlantis tree Atlantis Tree
Booster pack halloween hud Booster Pack October 2012
Booster pack halloween dragon Booster candy crystals Candy Crystals
1 Booster pack halloween dragon Halloween dragon single Halloween Dragon 0 Zoo bucks 20.840 2.084 23 Hours Castle Ruins
1 Booster pack ghost wolf Ghost wolf single Ghost Wolf 0 Zoo bucks 15.400 1.540 20 Hours Spooky
Booster pack misty tree Booster misty tree Misty Tree
1 Booster pack sun moon Sun dragon single Sun Dragon 0 Zoo bucks 25.500 2.550 1 Day, 2 Hours Sun habitat
1 Booster pack sun moon Moon phoenix single Moon Phoenix 0 Zoo bucks 21.750 2.175 1 Day Dark clouds
1 Booster pack rainbow Diamond lion single Diamond Lion 0 Zoo bucks 16.200 1.620 21 Hours Jewelled
1 Booster pack rainbow Rainbow griffin single Rainbow Griffin 0 Zoo bucks 15.550 1.555 20 Hours Rainbow habitat
HUD septemberBPBooster Pack September 2012
Booster shadow Shadow tree Shadow Tree
35 Booster shadow Shadowcorn single Shadowcorn 0 Zoo bucks 17.000 1.700 20 hours Dark clouds
BoosterPackSeptember 1 Glow bottom 8 x Luminescent Path
1 BoosterPackSeptember 2 Neon wolf single Neon Wolf 0 Zoo bucks 15.950 1.595 22 hours Lawn
BoosterPackSeptember 2 Glow bottom 24 x Luminescent Path
1 BoosterPackSeptember 3 Glow polar bear single Glow Polar Bear 0 Zoo bucks 16.350 1.635 18 hours Glowing Land
BoosterPackSeptember 3 Glow bottom 36 x Luminescent Path
BoosterPackSeptember 4 Glow bottom ? Radiant Pack ?
HUD augustBPBooster Pack's August 2012
25 BoosterPack Bonus25 Flying panda single Flying Panda 0 Zoo bucks 14.000 1.400 18 hours Fantasia
BoosterPack Bonus25 Winged statue Winged Statue
BoosterPackAugust 1 Dream tree Dream Tree
1 BoosterPackAugust 2 Sky whale single Sky Whale 0 Zoo bucks 14.000 1.400 18 hours Dark clouds
1 BoosterPackAugust 3 Dragon fairy single Dragon Fairy 0 Zoo bucks 10.900 1.090 12 hours Dragon's nest
BoosterPackAugust 3 Dragon nest Dragon Nest
HUD julyBPBooster Pack's July 2012
BoosterPackJuly 1 BoosterPack Fourth of July Pinwheel Fourth of July Pinwheel
1 BoosterPackJuly 2 Americana dalmatian single Americana Dalmatian 0 Zoo bucks 13.950 1.395 18 hours Stars and Stripes
1 BoosterPackJuly 3 Patriotic peacock single Patriotic Peacock 0 Zoo bucks 17.760 1.776 23 hours Stars and Stripes
BoosterPackJuly 3 BoosterPack Fireworks Fourth of July Fireworks
HUD juneBPBooster Pack's June 2012
BoosterPackJune 1 BoosterPack Lightning Orb Lightning Orb
1 BoosterPackJune 2 Fire red panda single Fire Red Panda 99 Zoo bucks 9.250 925 8 hours Boosterpack Elemental Fire
1 BoosterPackJune 3 Typhoon pegasus single Typhoon Pegasus 499 Zoo bucks 21.750 2.175 1 day Boosterpack Elemental Water
BoosterPackJune 3 BoosterPack TidalFlower Tidal Flower

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