Bird Watching

It's Birdwatching season in Tiny Zoo since 24.01.2012 And the first one spotted is... the Stork! Its arrival can only mean one thing: a breeding sale! ALL breeding prices are 50%-off through Thursday.
Breeding 50Percent off

There's also a new Great Blue Heron in the shop for coins, and a whole flock of re-released birdies that you might remember from before.
Because of restrictions, sorting only direct on the Bird Watching Page.

Levels Birdwatching Animals Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time Area
1 Stork single Stork 29 Zoo bucks 11.000 1.100 1 day Dark Pool
1 Seagull single Seagull 9 Zoo bucks 4.500 450 1 day Beach
1 Temminck's tragopan single Temminck´s Tragopan 2.499.000 Coins2 9.500 950 21 hours Woodland
1 Secretary bird single Secretary Bird 400.000 Coins2 6.500 650 23 hours Open Savannahs2
1 Great blue heron singlel Great Blue Heron 40.000 Coins2 2.000 200 1 day Dark Pool
Birdwatching day