To learn more details about the individual animals, select the appropriate animal.
When you complete a family of 4, the family will animate.
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Animal Static Animation Description
African Elephant
African elephant single
African elephant an
Moves its head.
Ahuizotl single
Ahuizotl an
Scratches neck and back.
Albino Cyclops Shark
Albino cyclops shark single
Albino cyclops shark an
Pops out of water and rolls it's eyeball.
Albino Gorilla
Albino Gorilla single
Albino gorilla an
Grabs toes with both hands and rocks back.
Alien single
Alien an
Transports and then back.
Aphrodite Fairy
Greek AphroditeFairy 64 thumbnail@2x
Aphrodite fairy an
Flys and releases many hearts.
Asp single
Asp an
Bounces up and down.
Aztec Jaguar
Aztec jaguar single
Aztec jaguar an
Plays with Aztec stone.
Balloonicorn single
Balloonicorn an
Inflates itself and levitates.
Banded Armadillo
Banded armadillo single
Banded armadillo an
Rolls up in a ball and rolls around rapidly
Bandersnatch single
Bandersnatch an
Stands up and flexes muscles.
Basket Monkey
Basket monkey single
Basket monkey an
Tosses basket up and lands it on its head.
Bastet single
Bastet an
Stands up and does Egyptian dance.
Beach Ball Crab
Beach ball crab single
Beachball crab an
The beach ball contenues to deflate, and the crab jumps.
Birthday Jack Rabbit
Birthday jack rabbit single
Birthday jack rabbit an
Hides in a Mystery Present and then pops out.
Birthday Pony
Birthday pony single
Birthday pony an
Jumps up, blows party favor and flips its hat
Black Cat
Black Cat single
Black cat an
Stands up in attack mode.
Blue Elephant
Blue elephant single
Blue elephant an
Stands on hind legs and curls trunk.
Blue Poison Dart
Blue Poison Dart single
Blue poison dart frog an
Blue Ring Octopus
Blue ring octopus single
Blue ring octopus an
Submerges with legs in the up and blows a fountain.
Burro single
Burro an
Strikes a pose.
Candy Peppermint Giraffe
Candy peppermint giraffe single
Candy peppermint giraffe an
Sits down and licks its foot.
Carnelian Dragonfly
Carnelian dragonfly single
Carnelian dragonfly an
Flies to a different spot and then back again.
Charm Dragon
Charm dragon single
Charm dragon an
Jumps up and rainbow comes out of pot.
Chimera single
Chimera an
Blinks and arches forward slightly.
Chocolate Dove
Chocolate Dove single
Chocolate dove an
Flaps its wings.
Circus Dolphin
Circus Dolphin single
Circus dolphin an
Jumps through hoop.
Circus Tiger
Circus Tiger single
Circus tiger an
Jumps through flaming hoop.
Cleopatra Panther
Cleopatra panther singel
Cleopatra panther an
Blows a heart kiss.
Clockwork Griffin
Clockwork griffin single
Clockwork griffin an
Steam blows it into the air.
Clover Bear
Clover bear single
Clover bear an
Takes off its hat, letting shamrocks fly out of it.
Common Octopus
Common Octopus single
Common octopus an
Jumps out of the water.
Confetti Ferret
Confetti ferret single
Confetti ferret an
Jumps and throws some confetti in the air.
Cotton Candy Owl
Cotton candy owl single
Cotton candy owl an
Holds breath and head blows up like a balloon.
Cowboy Tiger
Cowboy tiger single
Cowboy tiger an
Points fingers like guns and tips and flips cowboy hat.
Crocodile of Sobek
Crocodile of sobek single
Crocodile of sobek an
Does Egyptian dance.
Crystal Jelly
Crystal jelly single
Crystal jelly an
Blinks and wiggles its legs.
Cupcake Penguin
Cupcake penguin single
Cupcake penguin an
Jumps up, blows party favor, number 1 comes out and cap comes off.
Cuttlefish single
Cuttlefish an
Jumps out of the water in an arc.
Deep Space Tiger
Deep space tiger single
Deep space tiger an
Concentrates and electricity circles above its head.
Dire Wolf
Dire wolf single
Dire wolf an
Gets on hind legs and smiles.
Drum Circle Monkey
Drum circle monkey single
Drum circle monkey an
Plays its drum.
Eaglet single
Eaglet an
Jumps and flaps its wings.
Emerald Dolphin
Emerald dolphin single
Emerald dolphin an
Spins emerald in the air.
Farmhouse Cat
Farmhouse Cat single
Farmhouse cat an
Scratches ground and jumps up.
Fire Lion
Fire lion single
Fire lion an
Flashes fire from its paw.
Fire Red Panda
Fire red panda single
Fire red panda an
Flies lika a helicopter using its tail.
Flora Fox
Flora fox single
Floral fox an
Tail becomes skirt, does hula dance and flowers fly off.
Flower Child Fairy
Flower child fairy single
Flower child fairy an
Flies up and tosses flowers.
Flower Sprite
Flower sprite single
Flower sprite an
Fortune Pegasus
Fortune pegasus single
Fortune pegasus an
Flies up with bucks coming out
Frosted Giraffe
Frosted giraffe single
Frosted giraffe an
Stands up and eats candy off its body.
Gem Frog
Gem frog single
Gem frog an
Sits down, bounces, spits out a gem, and eats it.
Glitzy Giraffe
Glitzy giraffe single
Glitzy giraffe an
A huge emerald appears, and the giraffe sits on it.
Glowrilla single
Glowrilla an
Stands and swings its glow sticks.
Goblin single
Goblin an
Jumps up and down, blinks.
Golden Jackal
Golden jackal single
Golden jackal an
Stands on hind legs and laughs.
Great Blue Heron
Great blue heron singlel
Great blue heron an
Tilts head up and puts leg back.
Green Parakeet Monkey
Green parakeet monkey single
Green parakeet monkey an
Jumps up and flies down.
Grey Alpaca
Grey alpaca single
Grey alpaca an
Gets on hind legs and does Russian dance.
Greyhound single
Greyhound an
Leaps up and runs in the air.
Gum Ball Pig
Gum ball pig
Gum ball pig an
Holds breath, blows up and floats.
Gummy Worm
Gummy worm single
Gummy worm an
Scrunches up and expands.
Hades Cerberus
Hades cerberus single
Hades cerberus an
Knocks its three heads together and gets dizzy.
Helio Wolf
Helio wolf single
Helio wolf an
Stands and shows its muscles
Himalaya Monal
Himalaya monal single
Himalaya monal an
Flies up and does flip.
Hippo of Tauret
Tauret hippo
Hippo of tauret an
"Walks like an Egyptian" dance.
Ice Skating Fox
Iceskatingfox single
Ice skating fox an
Skates, slips and falls.
Jabberwocky single
Jabberwocky an
Sneezes fire and burns foot.
King Cheetah
King cheetah single
King cheetah an
Runs fast in place.
Kodiak Bear
Kodiak bear single
Kodiak bear an
Sits on backside and waves.
Lace Bullfrog
Lace bullfrog single
Lace bullfrog an
Infales the lace around its neck and jumps.
Leopard Eagle
Leopard eagle single
Leopard eagle an
Jumps up, flies.
Lionfish single
Lionfish an
Goes under water and comes back out.
Lovely Peacock
Lovely peacock single
Lovely peacock an
Hops up, opens and closes its feathers.
Magic Carpet
Magic carpet single
Magic carpet an
Floats and falls.
Martian Critter
Martian critter single
Martian critter an
Sits on hind legs and rolls middle eye.
Mastodon single
Mastodon an
Does ballet moves.
Midnight Wolf
Midnight wolf single
Midnight wolf an
A moon appears, and it howls at it.
Minotaur single
Minotaur an
Swings its axe.
Moon Cow
Moon cow single
Moon cow an
Jumps over moon, moon jumps over it.
Mr. Bones
Mr Bones single
Mr. bones an
Throws head in the air and then head reattaches.
Multi-Legged Linsang
Multi-legged linsang single
Multi legged linsang an
Splits into a two creatures, and then recombines.
Mustang single
Mustang an
Moves one of its legs.
Nebula Lion
Nebula lion single
Nebula lion an
Jumps up and fades into a constellation.
New Ring Butterfly
New ring butterfly single
New ring butterfly an
Tossed wedding ring in the air.
Northern Lights Griffin
Northern lights griffin single
Northern lights griffin an
Flies up, spreads wings to show the northern lights.
Ocelot single
Ocelot an
Blinks and turns head.
Orbiting Dragon
Orbiting dragon single
Orbiting dragon an
Jumps up and flies in a circle
Paraceratherium single
Paraceratherium an
Pastel Tiger
Pastel tiger single
Pastel tiger an
Plays football with easter egg.
Patchwork Cow
Patchwork cow single
Patchwork cow an
Flops and gets back up.
Pearly Salamander
Pearly salamander single
Pearly salamander an
Climbs in place.
Penguin single
Penguin an
Flaps its wings and jumps.
Peppermint Tiger
Peppermint tiger single
Peppermint tiger an
Stretches out front legs.
Pinata Hippo
Pinata hippo single
Pinata hippo an
Breaks open and confetti comes out
Pink Fairy Armadillo
Pink Fairy Armadillo single
Pink fairy armadillo an
Flaps its wings.
Polka Dot Kangaroo
Polka dot kangaroo single
Polka dot kangaroo an
Jumps up.
Plushie Pegasus
Plushie pegasus single
Plushy pegasus an
Flies up and plops down.
Prize Pig
Prize pig single
Prize pig an
Throws blue ribbon in air.
Purple Polar Bear
Purple Polar Bear single
Purple polar bear an
Stands on hind legs, shrugs shoulders.
Pygmy Seahorse
Pygmy seahorse single
Pygmy seahorse an
Blows bubbles.
Queen Hera Peacock
Queen hera peacock single
Queen hera peacock an
Does a fan dance with her feathers.
Radiant Otter
Radiant otter single
Radiant otter an
Light radiates from tail up its neck.
Radiant Tiger
Radiant tiger single
Radiant tiger an
Jumps up and vanishes.
Ragdoll Lion
Ragdoll Lion single
Ragdoll lion an
Uses its mane as a propeller and flies.
Rainbow Betta
Rainbow betta single
Rainbow betta an
Spits out a rainbow.
Rainbow Dragon
Rainbow Dragon single
Rainbow dragon an
Jumps up and breathes out a rainbow.
Rainbow Giraffe
Rainbow Giraffe single
Rainbow giraffe an
Swings its neck and does a kick.
Rainbow Pegacorn
Rainbow Pegacorn single
Rainbow pegacorn an
Jumps up moves legs and flies with rainbows from its feet.
Rainbow Sprite
Rainbow sprite single
Rainbow sprite an
Jumps to miss exploding rainbow
Rapido Roadrunner
Rapido roadrunner single
Rapido roadrunner an
Runs fastly in place.
Red Colobus Monkey
Red Colobus Monkey single
Red colobus monkey an
Raises arms over head.
Red Footed Booby
Red footed booby single
Red footed booby an
Flaps wings and dances on one foot.
Red Poison Dart
Red Poison Dart single
Red poison dart an
Hops twice.
River Spirit
River spirit single
River spirit an
Comes out of water and spits water.
Rocking Horse Fly
Rocking horse fly single
Rocking horse fly an
Floats up and rocks in the air.
Rose Tiger
Rose tiger single
Rose tiger an
stands up and dances.
Royal Indian Elephant
Royal indian elephant single
Royal indian elephant an
Jumps up and has six arms.
Sapphire Elephant
Sapphire elephant single
Sapphire elephant an
Does tricks with sapphire.
Seashell Mermaid
Seashell mermaid single
Seashell mermaid an
Jumps in and high out of the water.
Sha of Set
Sha of set single
Sha of set an
Throws amulet on to its tail and twirls it.
Shadowcorn single
Shadowcorn an
Mane expands and shadow appears as it rises up.
Sqwirrl single
Skwirrl an
Juggles strawberries.
Snow Phoenix
Snow Phoenix single
Snow phoenix an
Jumps up and disappears.
Space Cadet Fairy
Space cadet fairy single
Space cadet fairy an
Looks cool pointing gun, then shoots at her foot.
Speakeasy Bobcat
Speakeasy bobcat single
Speakeasy bobcat an
Dances and strolls on hind legs.
Starlight Pegasus
Starlight pegasus single
Starlight pegasus an
Turns into a constellation.
Starry Eyed Calf
Starry eyed calf single
Starry eyed calf an
Rockets from hooves launch it.
Stitch Wolf
Stitch wolf single
Stitch wolf an
Gets in a pouncing position,jumps and howls.
Strawberry Cream Cow
Strawberry cream cow single
Strawberry cream cow an
Gets on hind legs and claps front hooves.
Strawberry Sprite
Strawberry sprite single
Strawberry sprite an
Strawberry pops out and explodes.
Summer Sea Serpent
Summer sea serpent single
Summer sea serpent an
Grabs tail to make a circle.
Sunbathing Seal
Sunbathing seal single
Sunbathing seal an
Rolls over, squirts lotion and rubs it on itself.
Sweet Smelling Skunk
Sweet smelling skunk single
Sweet smelling skunk an
Sprays flowers.
Tourmaline Seahorse
Tourmaline seahorse single
Tourmaline seahorse an
Does a loop in and out of the water.
Triceratops single
Triceratops an
Lunges forward.
Tye Dye Bear
Tye dye bear single
Tye dye bear an
Holds up its flower and poses.
Typhoon Pegasus
Typhoon pegasus single
Typhoon pegasus an
Rides wave.
Vampire Penguin
Vampire Penguin single
Vampire penguin an
Shows teeth and adjusts cape
Volleyball Dolphin
Volleyball dolphin single
Volleyball dolphin an
Flips and hits volleyball with tail.
Wedding Dove
Wedding dove single
Wedding dove an
Starts to fly,
Zen Tortoise
Zen tortoise single
Zen tortoise an
Its legs disappear and it starts to float.
Zodiac Monkey
Zodiac monkey single
Zodiac monkey an
Does a dance.
Zodiac Ox
Zodiac ox single
Zodiac ox an
Gets on hind legs.
Zodiac Rooster
Zodiac rooster single
Zodiac rooster an
Clucks Chinese symbols.
Zodiac Snake
Zodiac snake single
Zodiac snake an
Makes Chinese symbols with its body.
Halloween zombie
Zombie an
Dances, having its hand come off and then reattatching it.
Zombie Koala
Zombie Koala single
Zombie koala an
Falls back and sinks into the mud.

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Name Animal Static Animation
Roc What it does
Serengeti Hyena What it does
Candy Corn Kitten What it does
Dracula What it does
Dark Raven
Snow Dragon What it does
Pointer What it does
Rainbow Lion What it does
Giraffe What it does
Chili Pepper Chihuahua Eats the pepper, breathes fire, and spits the pepepr out
Leaping Langur What it does
Rainbow Zebra What it does
Ankylosaurus What it does
Chick What it does
Zombie Mustang What it does
Panda as Witch What it does
Welsh Corgi What it does
Pilgrim Turkey What it does
Cardinal What it does
Dragon Shark What it does
Zodiac Dog What it does
Seagull What it does
Axolotl jumps
Moonlight Jerboa What it does
Ribbon Kitten What it does
Rainbow Angel Kitty What it does
Flame Phoenix What it does
Clover Lion What it does
Giraffe Angel What it does
Citrussaurus What it does
Rose Pony What it does
Chickity Puff What it does
Firefly What it does
Aurora Panther What it does
Peaceful Camel What it does
Pearl Lion What it does
Birthday Wish Dragon What it does
El Bandito Coati What it does
Flapper Heron What it does
Moray Eel What it does
Ring Bearer Puppy What it does
Sparkle Octopus goes underwater and jumps out of water and falls back in the water (with style)
Largemouth Bass What it does
Lightfoot Crab does a little dance back and forth
Blue Caterpillar What it does
Florida Panther What it does
Beach Pail Elephant What it does
Green Anaconda What it does
Klipspringer What it does
Mercurian Squirrel What it does
Border Collie What it does
Giant Kangaroo What it does
Monkey King What it does
Glow Seahorse What it does
Fable Fox What it does
Egyptian Scarab opens its wings and reveals a jewel
Hermes Hare What it does
Sinbad Seahorse What it does
African Giraffe Does a hand stand
Gum Drop Ladybug

flips gum drop in air

Zombie Lion What it does
Black Footed Penguin What it does
Jack Frost What it does
Nightmare What it does
Martian Genet What it does
Water Dog What it does
Purple Hummingbird What it does
Rainbow Phoenix What it does
Robot What it does
Turkey Vulture What it does
Just Married Giraffes What it does
Blue Parakeet What it does
Color Me Kitten What it does
Sprinkles What it does
Bug Droid What it does
Hawaiian Nene What it does
Gigantopithecus What it does
Moorish Idol What it does
Mimic Poison Dart Frog What it does
Serengeti Flamingo What it does
Horned Gopher What it does
Diamond Lion What it does


Welsh pig

What it does -cheetah What it does -blue butterfly What it does