Animals unlocked through goals

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Levels Animals Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time Area
1 Rainbow Dragonfly Rainbow Dragonfly When completing Goal "Colorful Offer!"
All Free
19.500 1.950 18 Hours Flower patch
1 Golden bucks werewolf single Golden Bucks Werewolf When completing Goal "Treasures of the Full Moon!"
First Free
3,6,10,15 Zoo bucks 1.000 22 Hours Spooky Forest
1 Working beaver single Working Beaver When completing Goal "Labor Day Special!"
FREE Family
12.500 1.250 14 Hours Beaverdam
1 Ancient black tortoise single Ancient Black Tortoise When completing Goal "Stellar Offer!"
FREE Family
17.000 1.700 23 Hours Tea Garden
1 Ancient tiger dragon single Ancient Tiger Dragon When completing Goal "Legendary Offer!"
FREE Family
21.750 2.175 1 Day Zodiac earth
1 The ringleader single The Ringleader When completing Goal "Mystery of the Big Top!"
FREE Family
15.000 1.500 20 Hours Ringmastersamsdomain
1 Cherry blossom centaur single Cherry Blossom Centaur When completing Goal "Mystical Offer!"
FREE Family
20.840 2.084 18 Hours Woodland
1 Golden wolf single Golden Wolf When completing Goal "Golden Offer!"
FREE Family
16.150 1.615 21 Hours Jewelled
1 Giraffe peacock single Giraffe Peacock When completing Goal "Feather Fan!"
FREE Family
8.000 800 15 Hours Woodland
1 Viking fairy single Viking Fairy When completing Goal "Wings of the Vikings!"
FREE Family
12.750 1.275 14 Hours Mountaintop
1 Platinum butterfly single Platinum Butterfly When completing Goal "Platinum Wings!"
FREE Family
13.150 1.315 17 Hours Jewelled
1 White stag single White Stag When completing Goal "The Mysterious White Stag!"
FREE Family
21.750 2.175 1 Day Woodland
1 Silver & gold doves single Silver & Gold Doves When completing Goal "Silver and Gold!"
First Free
399 Zoo bucks
3/6/10/15 Zoo bucks 1.000 1 day, 8 hours Partridge in a pear tree
1 Labor day puppy single Labor Day Puppy When completing Goal "Special Labor Day Offer!"
65.000 6.500 1 day, 12 hours Stars and Stripes
1 Midnight dragon single Midnight Dragon When completing Goal "Midnight Wings!"
18.150 1.815 20 Hours Dark clouds
1 Miniature horse single Miniature Horse When completing Goal "Tiny Hooves!"
14.000 1.400 18 Hours Harvest animalfarm
1 Midnight wolf single Midnight Wolf When completing Goal "Locked Mystery!"
17.850 1.785 1 day Dark clouds
1 Sunflower giraffe single Sunflower Giraffe When completing Goal "Beautiful Bloom!"
17.850 1.785 1 day Glowing flowers
1 Fortune-icorn single Fortune-icorn When completing Goal "What's Your Fortune?"
First Free
499 Zoo bucks
21.000 2.100 1day, 2 hours Clover field
1 Leap year frog single Leap Year Frog When completing Goal "Leap Frog for Leap Year!"
12.250 1.225 1day, 4 hours Swamp
1 President's day cat single President's Day Cat When completing Goal "Patriotic Offer!"
10.000 1.000 1day, 12 hours Flowery Field