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Started 12.September.2012!

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Levels Eqypt modal Animals Store Icon Collect gold Collect xp Time Area
1 Falcon of ra single Falcon of Ra 99 Zoo bucks 19.370 1.937 1 day, 2 hours Ruins egyptian
1 Asp single Asp 29 Zoo bucks 13.980 1.398 1 day, 2 hours Ruins egyptian
1 Tauret hippo Hippo of Tauret 29 Zoo bucks 11.550 1.155 23 hours Ruins egyptian
1 Crocodile of sobek single Crocodile of Sobek 49 Zoo bucks 11.500 1.150 19 hours Ruins egyptian
1 Scarab single Egyptian Scarab 1.050.000 Coins2 11.050 1.105 1 Day, 5 hours Ruins egyptian
1 Mummy hound single Pharaoh Mummy 499 Zoo bucks 16.400 1.640 18 hours Ruins egyptian
1 Cleopatra panther singel Cleopatra Panther 499 Zoo bucks 14.500 1.450 16 hours Ruins egyptian
15 Scarlet ibis single Scarlet Ibis 275.000 Coins2 1.700 170 17 hours Ruins egyptian
1 Sha of set single Sha of Set 99 Zoo bucks 12.250 1.225 16 hours Ruins egyptian
1 Scorpion king single Scorpion King 29 Zoo bucks 13.460 1.346 1 Day, 1 hour Ruins egyptian
1 Sand fox single Sand Fox 55.000 Coins2 200 20 10 hours Ruins egyptian
Ancient Egypt Event Week Goals
Title Description Completion Reward
Goal Glorious Sun!
Glorious Sun!
expiration Date 9/18/2012 12:00:00
To complete:

Fill your zoo with the radiant light of the sun spirit, the Falcon of Ra, one of the most famous Ancient Egyptian deities!
Step1: Complete the Falcon of Ra family!

Behold the Sun!
20 Zoo bucks
750 XP
Goal Riddle of the Sphinx
Riddle of the Sphinx (1-3)
expiration Date 9/18/2012 12:00:00
To complete:

The Ancient Sphinx holds the secret to a hidden trove of treasure! It will share the secret location once you meet its requests! The first is to have the sacred Scarlet Ibis in your zoo!
Step1: Get the Ancient Sphinx! AND Get a Scarlet Ibis!

Eight scarlet wings fill the sky and reveal the way to the hidden treasure! Follow their crimson flight, the treasure is near!
Step2: Complete the Scarlet Ibis family!

Two tall monoliths cast their long shadows across the desert and point the way to the hidden treasure! The treasure is close, one final step!
Step3: Get two Ancient Obelisks!

The Ibis will show the way!

The treasure is so close!

The treasure is yours!
1.000 Coins2
400 XP

2.000 Coins2
500 XP

10 Zoo bucks
600 XP
Goal Secrets of the Pyramids
Secrets of the Pyramids (1-3)
expiration Date 9/18/2012 12:00:00
To complete:

Hidden deep inside the ancient Pyramids is a wealth of treasure and wonders unknown! Let the Egyptian Scarab be your guide and journey to the valley of the Pyramids!
Step1: Get an Egyptian Scarab!
The valley of the Pyramids is hidden deep in the Sahara desert! It will take my whole family to locate the secret location without wandering too long in the desert!
Step2: Complete the Egyptian Scarab family!

We've done it, we've located the hidden valley of the Pyramids! Let's find out what ancient treasures are hidden inside!
Step3: Get two Great Pyramids!

Follow me!

We'll find it in no time!

Ancient Riches!
3.000 Coins2
1.000 XP

10.000 Coins2
3.000 XP

15 Zoo bucks
4000 XP
Goal Spirit of the Nile
Spirit of the Nile (1-2)
expiration Date 9/16/2012 12:00:00
To complete:

Ancient Egypt was dependent on the Nile River. People who worked near the Nile looked to the Crocodile of Sobek to protect them and help them find wealth!
Step1: Get the Crocodile of Sobek!

To make your zoo really prosperous, you need a whole family of Crocodile of Sobek! When you complete your family in the next few days, you are sure to encounter a wealth of Zoo Bucks!
Step2: Complete the Crocodile of Sobek family!

The rewards are already coming in!

The Nile is flowing with riches!
5 Zoo bucks

20 Zoo bucks
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