Albino Cobra
Animal Details
Albino Cobra single Level Unlocked 15


Cost of Animal 50.000.000 Coins2
Cost to Complete Family 200.000.000 Coins2
Area Jungle2
Albino Cobra single Albino Cobra singleAlbino Cobra single Albino Cobra singleAlbino Cobra singleAlbino Cobra single Albino Cobra singleAlbino Cobra singleAlbino Cobra singleAlbino Cobra single
28.900 Coins2 57.800 Coins2 95.370 Coins2 132.940 Coins2
1.660 XP 3.320 XP 4.980 XP 6.640 XP
Bonded Payout 174.151 Coins2
Collects every 1 Day, 8 hours
Reward for Completing Family 500.000 Coins2 & 1.660 XP
Breeding nest Breeding Breeding nest
Cost to Breed 50.000.000 Coins2
Breeds in 1 Day
Instant Breed 25 / 25 / 13 / 13 Zoo bucks
Goal bonding icon Bonding Goal bonding icon
Cost to Bond 50.000.000 Coins2
Bonds in 1 Day
Instant Bond 13 Zoo bucks
Static Animation
Albino cobra static Albino cobra an
Slithers and moves head back and forth.
Collections icon Collections Collections icon
The Albino Cobra is not part of any collections.
Lab icon Crossbreeding Parents Lab icon
Parents of Albino Cobra:
Animals Store Icon Time
King Cobra single White Poison Dart single 50.000.000 Coins2 1 Day
Lab icon Crossbred Children Lab icon
Crossbreeding Albino Cobra with other animals:
Albino Cobra is not a Crossbreeding Parent.
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Further Information

The Albino Cobra is part of the Crossbred Animals Limited Animals themed collection.

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