African Elephant
Animal Details
African Elephant Level Unlocked 1

Animals Unlocked Through Leveling UpWelcome Aboard! Collection
Three Extremes CollectionResurrection Collection

Cost of Animal 50 Gold
Cost to Complete Family 200 Gold
Area Serengeti
For 1 For 2for 2 For 3For3For 3 Complete FamilyComplete FamilyComplete FamilyComplete Family
50 100 165 230
5 XP.png 10 XP.png 15 XP.png 20 XP.png
Bonded Payout 301
Collects every 30 Minutes
Reward for Completing Family 1 Gold & 5 XP.png
Breeding Breeding Breeding
Cost to Breed 50 Gold
Breeds in 30 Minutes
Instant Breed 0 / 0 / 2 / 2 Zoo Bucks
Family Bonding Bonding Family Bonding
Cost to Bond 50 Gold
Bonds in 30 Minutes
Instant Bond 2 Zoo Bucks
Static Animation
African Elephant African Elephant
Moves head slightly and blinks.
Collection Rewards Collections Collection Rewards
The African Elephant is part of the Welcome Aboard!, Three Extremes and Resurrection collections.
Breeder's Lab Crossbreeding Parents Breeder's Lab
The African Elephant is not a Crossbred Animal and can only be purchased through the Tiny Zoo Store.
Breeder's Lab Crossbred Children Breeder's Lab
Crossbreeding African Elephant with other animals:
Parent Cost Crossbreeds in Outcome
Black Bear 190.000 Gold 10 Hours Woolly Mammoth
Harp Seal 99 Zoo Bucks 12 Hours Elephant Seal
Red Poison Dart 42 Zoo Bucks 8 Hours Pink Elephant
Mr. Bones 42 Zoo Bucks 10 Minutes Skeleton Elephant
Wedding Dove 800.000 Gold 16 Hours Blue Elephant
Additional Pictures

Aftrican elefant2.png

African elephant goal modal.png

Further Information

The African Elephant is part of the Animals unlocked through leveling up Limited Animals themed collection.

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