Animal Details
Abalone single Level Unlocked 1


Cost of Animal 6.999.000 Coins2
Cost to Complete Family 27.996.000 Coins2
Area Beach
Abalone single Abalone singleAbalone single Abalone singleAbalone singleAbalone single Abalone singleAbalone singleAbalone singleAbalone single
11.015 Coins2 22.030 Coins2 36.350 Coins2 50.669 Coins2
615 XP 1.230 XP 1.845 XP 2.460 XP
Bonded Payout 66.376 Coins2
Collects every 20 Hours
Reward for Completing Family 69.990 Coins2 + 615 XP
Breeding nest Breeding Breeding nest
Cost to Breed 6.999.000 Coins2
Breeds in 1 Day, 6 Hours
Instant Breed 25 / 35 / 45 / 45 Zoo bucks
Goal bonding icon Bonding Goal bonding icon
Cost to Bond 6.999.000 Coins2
Bonds in 1 Day, 6 Hours
Instant Bond 45 Zoo bucks
Static Animation
Abalone static Abalone an
Tips shell like a cap.
Collections icon Collections Collections icon
The Abalone is not part of any collections.
Lab icon Crossbreeding Lab icon
The Abalone is not a crossbred animal or a crossbreeding parent and must be purchased from the Tiny Zoo Store.
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Further Information

The Abalone is part of the Limited Animals themed collection.

Abalone are small to very large-sized edible sea snails. The shells of abalones have a low and open spiral structure, and are characterized by several open respiratory pores in a row near the shell's outer edge. The flesh of abalones is widely considered to be a desirable food, and is consumed raw or cooked in a variety of different dishes.

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