Animal Details
Aardvark Level Unlocked 24

Animals Unlocked Through Leveling Up Limited retiring.png

Cost of Animal 149.000 Gold
Cost to Complete Family 596.000 Gold
Area Rainforest
For 1 For 2for 2 For 3For3For 3 Complete FamilyComplete FamilyComplete FamilyComplete Family
2.200 Gold 4.400 Gold 7.260 Gold 10.120 Gold
950 XP.png 1.900 XP.png 2.850 XP.png 3.800 XP.png
Bonded Payout 13.257 Gold
Collects every 10 Hours
Reward for Completing Family 1.490 Gold + 950 XP.png
Breeding Breeding Breeding
Cost to Breed 149.000 Gold
Breeds in 1 Day
Instant Breed 25 / 35 / 12 / 12 Zoo Bucks
Family Bonding Bonding Family Bonding
Cost to Bond 149.000 Gold
Bonds in 1 Day
Instant Bond 12 Zoo Bucks
Static Animation
Aardvark Aardvark
Sticks nose out to the ground.
Collection Rewards Collections Collection Rewards
The Aardvark is not part of any collections.
Breeder's Lab Crossbreeding Breeder's Lab
The Aardvark is not a crossbred animal or a crossbreeding parent and must be purchased from the Tiny Zoo Store.
Additional Pictures

Aardvark family.png

Family Photo

Aardvark family an.png

Animated Family Photo

Further Information

The Aardvark is part of the Animals unlocked through leveling up themed collection.

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